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Readers Write

On Dec. 19 a writer of a letter to the editor (Comment time) expressed his feeling that the attention given to the parking structure to be what he perceives as wasted time. However, his position on the parking structure, as he calls it, not the description given it by Placer County Redevelopment Agency who is paying the bill of Tahoe City Marina Parking Garage, indicates his bias or spin, especially when one considers he is the general manager of the Tahoe City Marina. He is trying to divert our attention away from this waste of public funds by measuring its importance on the national and world scene. But then so are issues like educating our children, where to buy a house, etc. Granted these are not important to our national posture, but very important to us individually.Perhaps the writer should address parking structure issues like the Phase 1 and 2 Tahoe Marina expansion plans and the county requirement for boat owner parking for this expansion to take place. Perhaps he should mention the boat owners associations threatened law suit if they do not receive their promised parking. Perhaps he should mention the underused Jackpine Parking Lot a block away. Perhaps he should mention the Place County Grand Jury investigation into inappropriate expenditure of public funds for the marina garage. But these would not reinforce his desire for the marina expansion.The many newspaper articles do address a legitimate solution he asked about. Let me mention, as several others have, the $14 million for the parking structure should be spent on blighted conditions in the North Tahoe community, fire prevention, infrastructure repair, and affordable housing, to mention a few. This is a positive effort as he wants for public use of this public money not private use to benefit the marina.So, I agree with writer, we should consider the expenditure of $14 million in public funds in the light of public good versus the writers personal issue for the marina he manages.Cindy WotelTahoe Vista

Regarding the My Turn column (Information blackout on the Summit Dec. 16 Sierra Sun) claiming we need to fire up a generator to shine a light on Royal Gorge development, let me suggest a less globally warming approach. Let’s use Internet search technology on the Sierra Sun archives. There we’ll find a 2005 article, several months before the sale of Royal Gorge to developers, titled Demand up on the summit. This article details how the ongoing Serene Lakes Community Water District expansion project would enable the lifting of the summit building freeze by 2010 and the construction of 300 more homes within the Serene Lakes subdivision and 500 elsewhere on the summit. Funny, there didn’t seem to be much concern back then by the Serene Lakes Property Owners Association and other summit groups about the impact of those prospective 800 homes on water supplies, water quality, traffic, or wildlife migration. Exactly the opposite. But that was before the arrival of a deep-pocketed competitor for those sewer permits, wasn’t it?John ReeceTruckee

Hats off to Bill Krissof, the Truckee surgeon willing to serve in Iraq. In an age where every parent says, Not my child, his patriotism is commendable. Who will protect this great country and its freedoms if no one wants to serve? Without war, we still need a military. Young people seem to have little idea of how our freedoms were won or sustained and less desire to serve.Becca CunninghamSouth Lake Tahoe

Hans Ostermann, a dedicated employee of Aztec Transportation Service, is retiring from Dial a Ride as of Dec. 19. We would like to thank him for all his years of service to the people of Truckee. He has been a safe, courteous, and well liked driver for over 12 years and we are sorry to see him go. If you would like to send him any Thank You cards, you can drop them off at or send them to 10266 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161 and we will forward them to him. Melissa K. DornsifeGeneral ManagerAztec Transportation Service

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