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Readers write

I too walk in the Tahoe wilderness on a daily basis with our dogs and have personally experienced almost verbatim the My Turn guest column No smile, no apology but some sleds (Jan. 13 Sierra Sun). We have had similar encounters with cars, trucks, mountain bikes and motorcycles. This situation is not unique to our area and is common where you find mixed-use recreation on many trails around the country. In the writer’s case I’m guessing the two snowmobiles were simply disrespectful kids and probably conduct themselves in this manner everywhere they can get away with it. A classic case of poor parenting and mentoring, if you ask me. At the end of the day people just need to have respect and consideration for others. It’s that simple. I’m certain most see behavior not unlike this more often that we would like, especially driving our cars. The issue certainly is not about snowmobiles and definitely is about behavior. If these snowmobilers had taken a wider berth or simply gone very slow this may likely not have been an issue at all. It’s all about courtesy and consideration. On a different note, snowmobiles do help and provide a major benefit to winter trail hikers when it comes to packing out the trail. I just returned from a daily hike in the woods on trails packed out by snowmobilers and it sure was nice to not post hole in every other step and know that my dogs had a good safe trail to run around on. Dog owners in this area most likely know about the dangers of our dogs punching through the crust layer and having their body continue forward causing injuries to ligaments, muscles and joints. I for one do appreciate the trails being packed out. I for one do love skiing, hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and motorcycling in the Tahoe wilderness as these are just some of the things that make the Tahoe area great. We all need to remember that when bumping into one another that a dose of consideration and courtesy will go along way towards a happier experience for all. See you on the trails. Chris McConnellTahoe Vista

If you were to play the word association game with a tourist window shopping in Truckee, the first word that might cross their parted lips is, parking. This is because Truckee has some of the trickiest and underdeveloped parking situations in the world. We are a tourist-based economy, like it or not those gapers as they are commonly referred to as, are our source of life here and we must cater to their needs by building a parking structure. Well, you might say, thats a wonderful idea but where would we put it?Simple as pie: Over the top of the existing train depot. I know youre thinking Rex has finally lost it, right? I thought it was a crazy idea too at first, but look at this: It is the most stable land in the town. It would cover the station and prevent the freezing of the tracks (like we saw last week) and it is a prime location for our snow-shoed or lake-bound tourists.How many times do you find yourself trying to back out of those spots in old town and causing a traffic jam and inadvertently making a line of drivers upset with you. I cant stand for this ridiculous situation anymore. Lets end this now and propose a new parking structure as soon as possible.Rex HarigonTruckee

There are new positive changes occurring with Tahoe City Public Utility District Department of Parks and Recreation. With the creation of the Rideout Community Center, the recreation administrative operations are moving their offices to the Community Center this week.TCPUD is committed to the success of Rideout Community Center while continuing to be effective and efficient in carrying out this mission. In order to do that, it is important to consolidate existing TCPUD staff in one location.Rideout Community Center is located at 740 Timberland Lane three miles south of the Tahoe City wye on Highway 89. The phone and fax numbers and e-mail address will all remain the same.If you have business, need to register for a class or just want to come by to check us out, call 530-583-3796 ext. 29 to check on the status of our move.These are exciting times for TCPUD Parks and Recreation! We look forward to serving you from our new location.Bob BoltonDirector of Parks and RecreationTahoe City Public Utility District

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