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Readers write

Headlights on in rain: It is not only a good idea, it is the law. While I would prefer that lights be on all the time, Section 24400a of the California Vehicle Code requires drivers to turn there headlights on in the daytime whenever their windshield wipers are on, and also when visibility is impaired or down to 1,000 feet or less.Many drivers think because they eat carrots and their eyesight is fine, they don’t need their headlights to see. That is beside the point. It is their car a silver car in the fog, a white car against the snow, a dark car coming out of the shadows that can’t be seen by another driver.If you think it is no big deal, you might just find yourself paying a fine and having moving violation points added to your insurance, and in the event of an accident, where a driver pulls out in front of you and which previously would have been his fault, he can say he didn’t see you, and because you were required to have your lights on, it might be declared your fault.Kirk ShortTruckee

I am so proud to live in Truckee. There’s so much negativity these days that the Kind firemen letter in Mondays paper was even more heartwarming. We need to hear more positive comments like this. It’s a lot healthier!Joey AmesTruckee

The job of a snowplow driver is to keep the streets clear of snow so that the police, fire and public can be free to go about their business throughout the city. It is not to keep your driveway clear. When there is a small snowfall, you will get a small berm, but when there is a large dump of snow, you get a large berm. The cutoff gate on the grader is to minimize the size of the berm, not eliminate it. If you’re going to live in the Tahoe area, buy a snowblower or get a better shovel. Be thankful that your roads are clear and free to travel on.If every plow driver took the time to clear your berm, you would get a plow by your house every other day, and the ice buildup on the street would be so bad that you would be stuck there and unable to get to work.These plow drivers also have driveways, and after a 12-hour shift must go home and remove their berms and clear their driveways.If you don’t like the snow, move to Arizona. I did, and I haven’t had to shovel snow in 13 years. I love it.Tom FayQuartzsite, Ariz.Former street superintendentCity of South Lake Tahoe

So, Michelle Leona Helmsley Burris filed a cross complaint lawsuit against Placer County. I now mention whom newspapers consistently try omitting when discussing Ollar-Burriss lawsuit(s) because Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz appointed Ollar-Burris to the Placer County Planning Commission.Bruce Kranz went along with the board of supervisors removing her from the commission, but where were his investigation skills vetting her beforehand, and then leading to get rid of her no where. Bruce Kranz allegedly checked Ollar-Burris past to insure se was clean wrong. I bet he knew all about her checkered past and still appointed her. Because Bruce Kranz is a close personal political friend of Ollar-Burris.Thanks for the litigation, Bruce. Thanks you so much.Thomas Zeke TafoyaAuburn

To everyone unfortunate enough to have to rely on the U.S. Post Office to submit your voting ballot: Send your ballot in early to insure the post office has enough time to screw up the delivery at least two times before getting to the proper address in time for the recording of your absentee ballot.The return envelope is too confusing for the Post Office to comprehend. It clearly states on the “back” side of the return address ” Postmaster do not deliver to this address,” which is the absentee voters address and signature side. I have received mine back once so far. It still has time to get to the proper address, I hope.The continuing saga of the Post Office versus delivery service.Judie KingGrass Valley

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