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Readers write

I would like to add to the excellent comments regarding the use of headlights in our area (“Headlights on” Jan. 22 Sierra Sun). The writer touched on the need to have headlights on at all times. He explained that there was a law to cover the subject and he told the why for using them more often than that.

In addition, we all need to remember to turn the headlights on, not just those little lights that auto makers have fixed so they turn on whenever the engine is started and your parking lights; or worse, fog lights. Why? Because headlights are placed in a position on the vehicle so it gives others a good idea as to how far away that vehicle is and (hopefully) judge your speed as well. All good information for someone who may not have cleaned their windows, or they’re fogged or otherwise obscured and is thinking of pulling out in front of your vehicle. By only having those smaller lights on, the tail lights aren’t on, thus folks can come up behind you from the rear during a snowstorm.

The use of fog lights when it’s not nighttime and foggy is annoying to other drivers. By only using fog lights in the daytime, it gives the false impression that your vehicle is further away. Again, someone could pull in front of a vehicle that may be driving too fast in the first place, but is definitely closer than expected.

Just having lights on isn’t enough. We must also remember to clean the lenses. New lights on today’s vehicles will not melt snow from the lenses, they just aren’t as hot as the old ones.

Another thing ” slow down, especially when you’re in an area where someone can pull out of a driveway or side street. How about that person who just finished removing the snow from the driveway and the snowplow came by before they get a chance to drive out. What do they do? They take a run at the berm and pop out in front of you and because of your speed, you ram them. Are they at fault? Was your speed a contributing factor?

Charlie White

Donner Lake

The boondoggle by the Tahoe City Public Utility District is their lack of concern of its Water Conservation Program. This results in the more you conserve, the more you pay.

A. The Rip-off: Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe West Shore residents will have a drastic increase in non-metered water usage rates ($525.12 per household/yr). The proposal is you pay whether you consume or not use water. This is totally wrong and is stealing cash dollars by TCPUD from their customers as well as promoting over-use.

The TCPUD is requesting by the summer of 2008 “existing homes be metered” by the TCPUD quarterly Jan. 2008 report. This is fair, once all existing homes are metered. Then at that time, raise the cost rates. TCPUD is requesting this water rate increase on April Fools Day, 2008.

The TCPUD must require metering of water usage for all new construction prior to occupancy. This includes existing snowmaking using un-metered wells and draining aquifers and also using Lake Tahoe as a water tank. TCPUD has appropriations from water of Lake Tahoe, emptying U.S. waters. That is wrong and not sustainable.

Also, TCPUD exclaimed “public input” favored extending metering until Jan. 1, 2009. Obviously this “input” was pressure from developers. There should be no delay metering ski area snowmaking or golf courses from any water source (wells, aquifers or lakes etc.).

Non-permitted wells in Placer County should be investigated and closed. All aquifers are in jeopardy of depletion, thus TCPUD must take strict control and policing all invasion of the aquifers beneath the ground surface by measuring what has been removed. All surface water, namely watersheds giving rise to stream environmental zones and wetlands should be protected as they are recharging our aquifers.

B. The Obvious Answer: Respond to TCPUD’s request for written protest. Time: Public hearing Feb. 26, 10:30 a.m. Place: TCPUD Board Room – 221 Fairway Dr., Tahoe City, CA 96145. Send Written protests prior to Hearing: Tahoe City PUD, PO Box 5249 Tahoe City, CA 96145.

Better yet, appear at the hearing. Tahoe City PUD has an opportunity to be the showcase of all water metered in California.

James W. Gearhart MD


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