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Readers write

There’s been a fair bit of complaining about the Truckee post office recently. I can’t believe that these complaints apply to the clerks and carriers from the Deerfield Drive U.S. post office. The ladies and gentlemen there are very nice, very friendly, very pleasant to deal with and quite efficient. I actually enjoy visiting the Deerfield Drive post office and almost always leave with a smile.

Let me add that our Tahoe Donner post man, Don, is a super guy. He goes beyond the call of duty for all of us. We surely missed him when we had substitutes when he was ill.

So thanks Deerfield Drive U.S. post office. Not everyone out there thinks that our postal workers are incompetent. Quite the contrary.

Lin Zucconi


This is a call to the people of the Truckee North Tahoe area. A longtime business owner and family are in great need of our community support: John and Merry Hejny. Merry has been challenged medically for some time, and John has been hospitalized. Although his prognosis is good, John will be unable to work for up to three months. We are calling once again to our awesome community to band together to help support this family with mounting bills. There is an account set up for the Hejny family at Plumas Bank in Truckee, the John and Merry Hejny Medical Fund.

Tanya Schnitzrin


To quote my friend Brian Dinneen: “If the Donner Party had to take Glenshire Drive during a snow storm at 6 a.m. they would still be in Reno.”

Ever since the first major storm of the winter season in December, those people from Glenshire who need to drive Glenshire Drive between 6 and 7 in the morning have faced either a totally non-plowed or, at best, a partially plowed road in order to get to work. My wife, a nurse at Tahoe Forest Hospital, has had numerous difficult trips at that time of day. I have also driven her on occasion and experienced the same conditions.

Because most of the residents of Glenshire are first home owners, I am sure we supply a great percentage of the workforce for Truckee. Not only that, but we are an important tax base for the town as well. I do not think it is too much to ask to have our tax dollars spent so that Glenshire Drive is plowed by 6 a.m. on stormy days (when the Hall’s had the contract, this was never a problem!). In addition, on those days when Glenshire Drive freezes over at dusk, it should be properly sanded.

John Pratt


I whole-heartedly agree with the letter writer’s comments (“If we vote no?” Sierra Sun Feb. 14) that essentially all the special districts are trying to get into our wallets. Plus these weasels always avoid having the vote during general elections as they rightly fear a large turn out of informed voters would vote their sneak assessments down.

I commend the Truckee Fire Protection District for at least having a post-paid return envelope for the mail in ballot. It is my belief that when a voter must return a ballot/assessment plebiscite by mail that is a form of poll tax if the voter must pay the postage.

Ronald Rettig


When I picked up the Thursday, Feb. 14 copy of the Sierra Sun I immediately noticed the absence of the notation in the top left hand corner that announced the weekly inclusion of Nuestro Pueblo, the Spanish language pages that have been what I consider a valuable part of Thursday papers. I wondered, “Donde esta Nuestro Pueblo?” I am a Spanish as second language learner and have benefited greatly by reading of local events in the Spanish language. And I have occasionaly shared articles from Nuestro Pueblo with Spanish speaking acquaintances in this community. I was dismayed to open the paper and find that the Nuestro Pueblo section contained only questions asking for feedback in regards to possible continuation of what I consider to be an important communication “bridge” tool in this diverse community. I hope that the editor will seriously consider continuation and even expansion of this Spanish language section of our local Sierra Sun newspaper.

Kathryn Dunning

Kings Beach

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