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Readers write

Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz endorsed District 4 Congressional candidate Doug Ose because he said Ose is good for Placer Countys District 5, which runs from North Auburn to Lake Tahoe.To completely understand what Doug Ose has done to District 5, lets introduce the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The NEA (read taxpayers) funds art that cannot find funding elsewhere. The infamous art displays the NEA funded with our tax dollars included the crucifix in a jar of urine, etc.Left-of-center Republican Doug Ose voted at three times against minuscule cuts to the NEA HR 2466, July 14, 1999, roll call vote 287; in 2000 with HR 45, roll call vote 282; in 2001 with HR 2217, roll call vote 184. How this relates to District 5 is found with HR 5093, 7/17/02, roll call vote 314.Tom Tancredos amendment would have transferred $50 million from the NEA to the U.S. Forest Service, and Ose voted against this. Much of District 5 is U.S. national forest including the Tahoe Basin. The U.S. Forest Service manages the forest to prevent wildfires. (Unless judges prevent them from clearing brush.)So for Doug Ose the NEA (read Placer taxpayer funded) foul art displays are more important than forest (and fire) management in the Tahoe Basin.Bruce Kranz is a fine supervisor but his support of Ose does not fit that paradigm.Aaron ParkRoseville

In reference to the article Nevada County looks to energize economy (Sierra Sun Feb. 20), Im glad that the Town of Truckee and Nevada County are looking at bringing in light industry to buoy the local economy. As Ted Owens was quoted, how do we create economic stability for existing businesses…? This is a question that is very important to me as a local small business owner. As a group of shops in Brickelltown help to revitalize the economy, we also feel hemmed in by signage limitations and requirements. For example, we cannot put out A-frame signs to attract business at any time, nor can we have larger open signs. We dont want to pollute the historic downtown with signs, but we also need to be allowed to have enough signage for potential customers to see where we are located and that were indeed open for business. Fair andamp; Green is set off of Donner Pass Road, and the sign we are allowed is not visible to passing cars (or even by people walking). Our open sign has to be within a few feet of our door, which doesnt allow visibility either. We also have a problem with walkability in the whole of downtown Truckee. The two things that the Town of Truckee could do to help existing businesses is to 1) review the sign requirements and make exceptions where necessary and 2) increase the walkability of Truckee. With Sierra College going in at one of end of downtown, and the Railyard project going in at the other, wouldnt it be nice to be able to walk safely between the two locations and help support local businesses all along the corridor?Better yet, wouldnt it be great to be able to walk or bike from Donner Lake all the way into downtown and help support a large portion of businesses in Truckee? Weve built our business, now all were asking is that people can see where we are and they can arrive safely at their destination. This would go a long way to helping revitalize the local economy.Heidi BaikieTruckee

Dear Dick Gammick, Washoe County District Attorney: I am appalled that you and you alone decided not to seek the death penalty against that three-time murderer Samisone Taukitoku. Coogan Kelly and Derek Jensen were friends of mine and my son. Where do you get off making that type of decision? This wanna-be gangster should be executed just like the three youngmen he gunned down. You are now sending a message to the entire world stating if you are young and do not have a criminal record, come on over to Reno-Tahoe area and do your killing here. Why stop with three? Go for 50 since you will not seek the death penalty. You are too old for this job and your mind is obviously going. Public opinion on what you and you alone decided is not in your favor. I hope you are not planning on running again. You will lose, but there is a bright side. I hear Wal-Mart needs greeters.Christopher L. PaulsenIncline Village

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