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Readers write

The article Kings Beach Latinos bus to meeting to support affordable housing (Feb. 28 Sierra Sun) begs the inevitable question: Will illegal aliens be eligible for affordable (taxpayer-subsidized) housing?Open-borders advocates, including many of our local public servants, deny that illegal foreign workers have any negative impacts on working-poor American citizens. Some public servants will doubtless aggressively defend providing housing benefits to illegal aliens. However, a subsidized housing project is a zero-sum game. If you have a housing project where illegal foreign workers are housed and there’s a waiting list with working-poor Americans, American citizens are definitely and directly being harmed. And there’s always a waiting list.Oh, and before someone starts shrieking xenophobia, let me point out the U.S. admits more legal immigrants than all the other countries in the world combined. The U.S. also has the most minimal personal requirements for legal immigrants of any developed country, including our oh-so-progressive, caring, and compassionate Canadian neighbors. I therefore fail to see why illegal immigrants who blew off the world’s most generous immigration laws should be subsidized by U.S. citizens.John ReeceTruckee

Dear Truckee locals, this letter is for you. I recently went to my favorite woman’s clothing store, Schone Sachen, and was so sad to see a beautiful clothing store losing the business game.I needed something cute and hip and knew I would find something there. I found a cute shirt and of course it was on sale. After talking a bit with the owner, Erica Lapointe, I could see her dilemma. Needing cash flow to put back beautiful things for her spring selection. I had this idea, what if all the locals who love that store as much as I do go in and get a $100 gift certificate and come back in the spring and redeem it. This would help Erica restock her inventory and get back on solid ground. Just think, helping out a local business person by supporting her now to enjoy the benefits later. Just a thought Truckee. All you men with a beautiful woman, what a lovely Easter gift to receive a $100 gift certificate from Schone Sachen. You could be her favorite egg!Chris RogersFellow small business ownerShinneyboo Creek Cabin Resort

I was appalled to find out that someone had filed a complaint with Truckee Animal Control regarding Wangler Stables in Loyalton. Steve Brown, who works for Truckee Animal Control, came out to the stable and told the owner that someone had complained that she did not keep the stalls clean and that the water was frozen. He went as far to say that her cats followed her around because she did not leave any water for them. I guess that he didn’t remember that we have had a very cold winter and that it has been very difficult to shovel frozen horse manure and break water that has frozen three inches deep over night.I had my horses boarded at Wangler Stable until I was able to bring them to my home. My horses received the best of care. They were turned out every couple of days so that they just didn’t stand in a stall all day. Their stalls were clean and they always had water. I have had them boarded at two other stables in Loyalton, and they did not receive nearly as great of care. It is too bad that whomever called Animal Control didn’t approach the owner with any concerns that they had.Linda BeesonLoyalton

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