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Readers write

I can understand banning alcohol on the river for Fourth of July, or for other major summer holidays, but banning it all together, forever? That is unreasonable. Rafting down the Truckee with beer is an age-old tradition, especially among locals and it would be a travesty to stop that.

Locals absolutely don’t litter on the river and most others don’t either. And if they do, they are reminded vocally by others that they shouldn’t. My friends and I are unflinching in our insistence that no trash goes in the river and most others are as well. If you want to start with stopping environmental damage at Tahoe why not start with the thousands of power boats motoring around in the lake spilling gas all over the place? Fourth of July gets out of hand, that’s when most of the trash accumulates, and that’s when the most out-of-towners who don’t care about our environment float the Truckee, so fine, ban it on the fourth, but don’t ruin everyone else’s good time.

The trouble isn’t with the alcohol, it’s with the people. A person willing to throw trash in the river will do it whether it’s a beer can or a Coke can. Many people have been floating the Truckee our whole lives and we love it and take care of it. Many tourists who come up treat the river with the respect it deserves as well. Most of those who don’t just don’t know any better. We could begin with education rather than just outright control. People don’t need to constantly create new laws to control and regulate everything all the time. This isn’t 1984, this is America.

Chantel Young

Tahoe City

This is in response to the article “Placer supes approve government site” (March 18 Sierra Sun). Placer County staff’s instinct to be vigilantly mindful of costs is commendable. But, as Supervisor Kranz’ comments illustrate, cost is but one consideration in placing the new government center.

I applaud the vision of county supervisors in making the designation of Kings Beach as, dare I say it, the “preferred” site.

Now, I encourage everyone interested in the future of downtown Kings Beach to embrace the project and ask the board of supervisors to make their designation a final selection. This facility is a logical “anchor tenant” for a new downtown, and all should exercise their individual opportunities for input into its design and appearance.

Properly done, we can have a spanking new facility in the center of a revitalized town that preserves and respects the look and feel of what we like about Kings Beach.

John Shuff

Kings Beach

Ok, so it is lunch time today and I decided to take my bagel sandwich and find a spot on the Truckee River to park and eat. I happened upon the first campground on Highway 89 just south of McDonald’s called Granite Flat. I parked and strolled my way to the river. As I’m standing on a little rock in the river admiring the scenes of water flowing, the smell of pines and the majestic beauty of the mountain before me, I think to myself that this is what it’s all about. Two words: God’s Country.

How lucky I am to be working in a town surrounded by majestic beauty. At that moment, I notice something on my leg. I look down and see a line of red fire ants making their way up my ankle. Holy beep! Knowing that fire ants only bite to get a grip and then sting (from the abdomen) and inject a toxic venom (thanks Wikipedia!), I quickly launched my skinny-framed, pale body right into the freezing water. Ahhh, Calgon, take me away. I am now one with nature.

Jeff McDowell


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