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Readers write

Recent My Turn guest column remarks concerning the government “effective” ban on the very reliable and inexpensive incandescent lamps was very interesting.

While I have no dispute with the argument with innovation and the life span of the CFL, I find the financial hypothesis some what lacking in fact. It is stated that a user with 23 incandescent lamps will consume approximately $440 of electricity and replacing the lights with CFLs will cost the user $100 annually. Left out of this equation is the loss of nearly 83 percent of revenues to Truckee Donner PUD! Will the district cancel the board members health insurance and scale back the payroll to match this reduction in income?

It is my suggestion that society begin to verify the supposed benefits and costs that these “save the environment” hypothesis involve.

As in many cases, especially those driven by “feel-good” emotions, the down line cost often exceeds the benefit. How many of us our happy with government systems that we have imposed upon ourselves, where the cost exceeds the benefit?

Ken Koeppe


Bob Sweigert knows a lot about teaching children (“Home Schooling vs. a sad state of affairs” Grasshopper Soup April 2 Sierra Sun). According to Bob, any parent should be allowed to home school.

“No one should question those parents’ rights to self-educate their children,” says Bob, farcical state teaching standards be damned.

Per Bob, the inalienable right to home schooling extends to the meth-using dad with a grudge against authority, the overbooked real estate mom who home schools for convenience, and the Christian fundamentalist who abhors secularism. And when these home-schooled children fail the admissions tests for the college of their choice, they can always call Bob. He’ll explain that a college education is a farce too. Screw college. You can always become a ski instructor and commercial driver, like Bob.

Truckee Unified should have Bob manage a classroom of sixth graders for a week, just to determine what Bob Sweigert really knows about teaching children.

Doug Meier


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