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Readers write

As a tax payer and permanent resident of the area for over 47 years, I was saddened after reading the article on the recent gang activity occurring in front of Kings Beach Elementary School and the Boys and Girls Club involving 30-plus subjects (Sierra Sun April 3).

Actually, the article targeted gang affiliated vandalizing of private and school property that occurred one week after the street brawl.

It’s time we tackled this ever-growing and much under-reported gang-related problem that occurs in our small community. Let’s start reporting all types of gang activity and getting tough with these criminals instead of treating them with kid gloves.

Constance Cole

Tahoe City

In two recent front page articles your newspaper has stressed an increased urgency in the enforcement of laws relating to pedestrian, bicycle and automobile safety. Communities and visitors should respect those laws and law enforcement, no question.

However, wouldn’t communities and their visitors have more respect for the law and law enforcement if the sudden urgency in prioritization of enforcing laws, from parking and j-walking to DUI, not correlate directly with the current fiscal meltdown of state, local and municipal governments? Or is it just possible that the not-so-fine line has been crossed between the mission of public safety institutions versus the behavior of something that sees itself as an out and out industry?

Why are laws suddenly more important when revenue needs to be generated? Why else the sudden urgency? To all of us scattered across the political spectrum what we’re seeing now is congruent with neither progressive nor “smaller government” values. Crackdown or lockdown, it seems to be getting a bit ugly, doesn’t it?

Mark Adams

San Francisco

I appalled your front page article “Crackdown” in the Friday, March 28 Sierra Sun.

However, it has been a few years since I’ve seen the actual crosswalks (besides Bear Street to Kings Beach Recreation Area) painted, i.e., the the Secline crosswalk I can’t remember the last time it was painted. I was nearly run down and yelled at that I wasn’t in a crosswalk by a driver. I was in a crosswalk, however, the driver wouldn’t know ” it’s not painted.

It is difficult to walk along North Lake Boulevard where there aren’t any sidewalks especially in Kings Beach. I suppose the walkers have to walk along the shoulder of the road to avoid a citation.

Jan Smith

Kings Beach

Supporting aquatics

Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District board Chairman Kevin Murphy is dead wrong about this town not supporting an aquatics facility as part of a new recreation center. A facility with a 50-meter pool would attract world-class swimmers from all over to train at high altitude, particularly before major international meets such as the Olympics and FINA World Championships and Masters Championships.

Los Alamos, New Mexico built a facility with a 50-meter pool and attracted international teams to train there. This means revenue for hotels, restaurants and merchants in town. Walnut Creek here in California decided 30 years ago to support youth and masters swim programs and a facility that has produced dozens of Olympians and brought families to live there because of its world-class aquatic programs.

Our present community pool is too small for meets and too warm for hard training because it must accommodate all types of uses. If the recreation center included a 50-meter pool and a pool for aquatics, recreational and rehab use, we’d have a facility that would attract visitors all year long and put Truckee on the world map for more than winter sports.

Lin Zucconi


Thank you for your thoughtful piece on Jennifer Montgomery for supervisor. For the Sierra Sun readers who missed the article, or would like to know more about her, I urge you to log on to her Web site,

There, I believe, you will become as impressed with her as I am. She stands for the things that those of us who are lucky enough to live here stand for. She believes in a balanced approach to development, one that is sensitive to our existing communities, and is environmentally sound. She understands that we need to preserve our natural assets from over-development; and that as the residents who live here, we need to take back the process of determining what is developed in our neighborhoods, and how it is done.

If you look at a list of Mr. Kranz’s donors, you will read a who’s who of big money, with out-of-the-area corporate interests and large-scale development speculators lining his war chest. Foster Syme, for example, of the proposed Royal Gorge infamy, have donated a total of $20,000 to keep Mr. Kranz in office.

We can do better. Jennifer Montgomery has a simple message: preserve, protect, restore, and respect. For her detailed thoughts on this message, please look at her Web site. She stands for what I love about living here–that we have a strong sense of community, and we take care of one another. Let’s put one of us on the council. Please vote for Jennifer Montgomery on June 3.

Nancy Minges, M.A.

Soda Springs

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