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Readers write

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. Please look at your American Flag. If it is soiled, it is OK to wash and re-use. If it is torn, it can be mended and returned to service. However, if your flag is tattered beyond repair, please do not put it in your garbage. Let the Tahoe Truckee Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol properly “retire” your flag for you.

Please place it in the bin just inside the main entrance to the Truckee Tahoe Airport terminal building. All flags will be properly retired prior to Memorial Day.

Join us at the Truckee Cemetery May 26 at 10 a.m. for our annual ceremony remembering our local fallen Veterans.

Charlie White

Donner Lake

I have recently retired to Truckee after 32 years as an English teacher and high school counselor. I am appalled at the way that teachers are treated in this district. Education occurs in the interaction between a teacher and his or her students. That is where the rubber meets the road. School board members, administrators, counselors, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers and cafeteria workers are merely support staff for that interaction. We, as a district, need to get our priorities straight. Without dedicated and caring teachers, education does not occur. It is difficult to be dedicated and caring when one feels unappreciated. Our teachers deserve a living wage. Thank you.

Lynn Booth


I opened the Sierra Sun Monday and saw the “Best of Truckee/North Lake Tahoe Ballot,” which I enjoy filling out every year. However, I cringe when I am asked to check either the Truckee box or the North Lake Tahoe box. This assumes that readers only have favorites in either one place or the other, and further perpetuates the attitude that Truckee and the communities around the North Shore are separate.

I would like to take a controversial stance and suggest that Truckee and the North Shore ” as well as the West Shore, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley and Northstar ” are the same community. We share the same school district, several special districts, a newspaper, a radio station, a television station, a hospital, an airport, non-profit organizations and a pride of our lifestyle and the area in which we live. My “favorites” or places that I often visit are not relegated to one area: my doctor, pediatrician and favorite restaurant are in Truckee; my dentist, hairdresser and favorite coffee shop are in Tahoe City; my favorite beach and sushi place are in Kings Beach; my favorite wine shop and pet store are in Squaw Valley.

Although I live on the North Shore, I consider Truckee part of my community. I read with interest about the goings on in Truckee just as I do about the happenings on the North Shore, and I believe others do as well. The other day I saw a truck that had two bumper stickers on it: “Keep Tahoe Blue” and “Save Donner Summit.” The owner of that vehicle obviously cares about two environmental treasures that, by Sierra Sun standards, are in two different communities.

Everyone who lives on the banks of Lake Tahoe or in the city limits of Truckee are proud of where they live, but we are a larger region than just the sum of our individual parts. The Sierra Sun should take the lead and consider Truckee and North Tahoe as one – and maybe more local attitudes can change to view the two as one united community.

Kara Fox

Kings Beach

District 5 Supervisor Bruce Kranz appointed Michelle Ollar-Burris to the Placer County Planning Commission. She and her husband donated money to his campaign. Michelle Ollar-Burris is being sued by Placer County for having “committed fraud, violated her fiduciary obligations as a planning commissioner and engaged in unfair business practices and alleges that Ollar-Burris and a group of her clients worked together to repeatedly split pieces of land while maintaining the appearance that they were acting independently.” The suit further alleges Ollar-Burris and her clients had committed civil violations of the Subdivision Map Act, which forbids a single person or group working together from splitting a piece of land more than four times without going through the county’s subdivision review process.

Bruce Kranz either did not know of Ollar-Burris’ background or knew and did not care. Kranz’s actions are unconscionable; he must be held accountable, and for the millions of dollars he has cost Placer County, and should definitely not be reelected. He no longer has the integrity to be given a public trust. Ignorance or arrogance are not acceptable characteristics of an elected official. The people can send Kranz a message of rejection about his behavior at the next election.

Sue Ghilotti


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