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Readers write

Placer County Planning Commissioner, Larry Farinha, approved by Supervisor Bruce Kranz, emphasized to the Sierra Sun on May 8 that developer money has no influence on decisions made by the Planning Commission to be approved by Bruce Kranz. The fact is the bigger the project the more money Placer County stands to gain. Therefore they lean towards supporting these projects which will be gladly approved by a supervisor who is pro development.

We need a sensitive community-oriented supervisor who will protect and preserve precious Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountains. We need someone who will hold agencies like Placer County Planning and the TRPA accountable for their own rules and public findings. We need a supervisor who will vote for the projects that will allow families to live here. We need a supervisor who will listen to what the community wants, not just to what developers want.

I have met Jennifer Montgomery on several occasions and I know she cares and listens to public concerns and will negotiate a compromise of profit, preservation and protection. She is listening and feels our concerns, that is why she is running for our Fifth District Supervisor. Please vote for Jennifer Montgomery.

Alvina Patterson

Tahoe Vista

I am writing in to voice my support of Measure L. I think it’s about time to start putting our money where our mouth is. Education always gets lip service, and its funds always get cut. I know we just voted to tax ourselves more to support our hospital and our fire district. But if we don’t support our children, we’re not going to have the doctors, nurses and firefighters to staff these places!

I often hear the argument, “I don’t have kids, I think the people who do should support the schools.” Well, if you don’t have kids, it’s my kids who are going to be taking care of you as you age, administering your chemo, handling your legal work and accounting, fixing your electrical lines, growing your food and paying into the Social Security fund so that you can draw your monthly check.

An uneducated child can do none of this. An uneducated child is instead going to be breaking into your car, stealing your radio and adding to your tax burden by spending his most productive years behind bars learning how to be a more efficient criminal. Higher education, indeed.

A community supports its members. Our children cannot vote. Whether they are yours or not, these people are the future of Truckee and we owe it to them to teach them how to think.

Christa Finn


On the eleventh of May, a sad day for Truckee, Mother’s day; one that used to always be a happy one at O.B’s, but not this time. I came and I saw all the sad faces, but tried to make it a fun day after all. I have known Dick since day one and have been a long time resident a regular customer and also an employee at one time. Prices of real estate soared in the late 1970s and ’80s and those who bought and sold a couple of decades later made it big with the demand for real estate in Truckee got bigger and bigger. Renting was reasonable for a while, but with the demand it went up and up.

Well, as the saying goes, “If you snooze you loose.” And now is not a good time to sell I suppose. But you can always try to raise the rent to make up for the loss, right? But Dick won by standing tall and not give in to the demand; unfortunately the whole town and many tourists lost a fun business and lots of people lost their jobs.

It’s a matter of principal. Is it not? Look what happened to Earthsongs, my favorite store and in business for 30 years. Is this going to be the beginning of a business ghost town? Times are not as good as it used to be and it had to come to this; it was just the matter of time. (I had to move to Reno and buy there.) Business is business and feelings aside? Is that what it is? I am sorry, and yes I am upset. I miss my favorite place(s) and all the nice people I had the pleasure of meeting and work with, like so many others do. Thank you Dick and to everyone at O.B.’s

Lisbeth Johansen


If you enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, or any of the other outdoor activities available in the area around Soda Springs, Donner Summit and Placer County in general, I urge you to vote for Jennifer Montgomery for Supervisor, District 5. She is the only candidate we can trust to preserve, protect, restore and respect the natural bounty of eastern Placer County.

There is an old adage in politics that says “follow the money to get the true story.” Supervisor Bruce Kranz has shamelessly lined his coffers with big donations from big developers with obscene plans for massive developments in the Donner Summit area and specifically around the Soda Springs/Serene Lakes area. As of the last FPPC filing through March 17, 2008, Kranz has now accepted at least $20,000 from the Foster/Syme development group. The Foster in this case is the grandson of the Foster who trashed thousands of acres of pristine marshes and wetlands along San Francisco Bay to create Foster City. Now the grandson and his henchmen want to similarly trash thousands of acres of forests around Soda Springs to create cities of condominiums and parking lots. When it comes to an approval by the supervisors, where do you think Kranz’s loyalties will be? Bought and paid for by at least $20,000. Shameless!

Jennifer Montgomery is honest and will be an independent voice for the best interests of Placer County and its citizens, not the big-money, mega-development special interests. I urge you to give her your support with your vote.

Mike Nickey

Christian Valley

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