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Readers Write

Here is my first ” and certainly not last ” letter to the editor. I’m a concerned citizen living in Glenshire. I’m also a cyclist. My husband frequently rides Glenshire Drive on his bike, as do many other cyclists who live in Glenshire/Olympic Heights. I agree with the lady who submitted the letter regarding people who drive over the speed limit on Glenshire Drive. I drive that road one to two times a day and I drive between 45-50 mph and I always have one to five cars tailing me. People pass me all the time regardless of the yellow line. Which brings me to another point; when are the stripes going to be painted? The yellow lines are faint and the white lines are barely visible. I fear something bad is going to happen some day. Then I pick up the paper and see that a woman crashed her car while extremely intoxicated for the second time. Are you kidding me? What do you mean, “if convicted?” Hello? Thank God no one was on that stretch of road on a bike or walking. What’s it going to take?

Our community is growing, more people are driving, more people are choosing to ride to work. We need to take action now. I’ve heard the Legacy Trail is only going to be comprised of decomposed granite, not paved. This makes no sense. To accommodate everyone it should be paved and then have a shoulder of decomposed granite. If money is the issue then let’s start enforcing the speed limit and passing out tickets. You could stage DUI check points at Boca Dam, Prosser Reservoir, Donner Lake and Highway 267. The money generated from that would pave the Legacy Trail, put in turning lanes for the Olympics Heights residents, put in a traffic signal at Highway 89 north and Alder Creek, resurface our area streets and we could go really crazy and slap a roundabout in there somewhere and I’m sure there would be money left. We can make our streets safer, we just need to make it a priority!

Olga Colburn


I hold this truth to be self evident (I’ve been studying to get my citizenship): Truckee has the most Subaru’s per capita than any city in the nation and I’ve gotten around in this great country so I know. This is the ideal place to have a Subaru, be it a wagon, a compact or the new SUV version of the all-wheel-drive “king of the road” because of the steep inclines and unpredictable weather and drivers.

I don’t believe the Japanese are aware of this but I bet if we counted all of the “Subbies,” as they are called by locals, and sent the total to the people in charge at Subaru they would do something fantastic like name a model of car after us. I’ve got a couple good ideas so far for a new model in honor of Truckee’s residents to Subaru; the Subrauckee, the Truckaru and the SubeDonkee.

I’m going to forward this letter along to the heads of Subaru to see if I can’t get this done, I’ll buy one if it happens!

Rex Harigon



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