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Readers write

I’m sure that many marijuana growers and sellers are thankful to the local police and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency for this recent pot bust and others like it. (“Police make $140K pot bust” Dec. 6, and page A1 today).Without marijuana busts like this, marijuana would be worth what other easy-to-grow weeds are worth – very little. Thanks to so-called “drug-warriors” like the Drug Enforcement Administration, the easy-to-grow weed is more valuable than pure gold – and completely tax free. Any marijuana growers, sellers or traffickers arrested will soon be replaced. They always are.Kirk MuseMesa, Ariz.Micromanaging guardrails I wish to respond to the article “TRPA to sue Caltrans over guardrail color” (Sierra Sun Nov. 24). I have lived in the South Shore area for almost 30 years and have seen some great accomplishments and some endeavors that have been nothing more than wasteful spending. TRPA’s decision to possibly sue Caltrans is an action that has frivolous merit at best. TRPA’s primary objective is to ensure the water clarity of beautiful Lake Tahoe. This is an honorable and forthright task. However, is water clarity really going to be adversely affected by a guardrail being brown vs. silver? Does a silver guardrail create more erosion than a brown rust rail? I am astonished that TRPA is spending taxpayer’s money to consider suing Caltrans for a color scheme guardrail. Not only are they spending hard-earned taxpayers’ money, but they may require Caltrans to spend taxpayers’ money to defend their actions. It’s a lose-lose situation for all taxpayers.TRPA’s communication director gave reference to “standards of its highways.” TRPA isn’t in the business of creating standards for highways and should leave those decisions to Caltrans, whose main goal is to provide highways that are safe to travel. Anyone who has driven in a Tahoe rainstorm or snowstorm can attest to using shiny guardrails and the painted lines in the middle of the road for reference, especially at night. Without shiny or reflective guardrails, it will be substantially more difficult and life-threatening to drive in adverse weather.TRPA has once again extended its boundaries of authority without responsibility. They have based their decision making on liberal environmental thinking, which tends to satisfy special agendas and interests. Do TRPA directors think they’re efficiently utilizing taxpayers’ money by pursuing this endeavor? Potentially spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money on a frivolous lawsuit should be considered misappropriation of funds.I have an idea: Instead of spending taxpayers’ money on a lawsuit that gives us brown guardrails, why not use the money to actually pave over our dilapidated, pot-holed roads which are probably the biggest erosion/pollution contributor in reducing water clarity.Theresa AndersonSouth Lake TahoeSo-called securityBy now we have all seen and heard about the attack in Saudi Arabia on a U.S. Consulate. And it has been released this morning that this particular consulate has just been upgraded for entry security protection.Now, I am not an expert here, but what idiot in the State Department came up with this so-called upgrade. They install a single “drop-down” steel gate that vehicles would pass through, the gate goes up, and the vehicle is in the compound. What the terrorists did was simply pull up behind the entering vehicle, drive over the open gate, enter by vehicle and on foot and the shoot-out begins. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see this one coming – a hole in the wall is a hole in the wall. Why they did not install the same system in a double entry system is beyond me. One for preliminary entry into a highly armed security area, the rear gate closes, the occupants searched, then only the second gate goes down. I still to this day am baffled from time to time the so-called security measures that are released for installation.Dan CooleyTruckee

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