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Readers write

What is all this squabble over the Siller Ranch when the solution is simple? The planners say there will be a shortage of housing for workers attracted to the project. The developer says the homes will only be used 10 percent of the time. To ensure that the homes are indeed only used 10 percent, just instruct the public utility district to supply utility service only three days per month. And if the developer or owners complain that this is a waste of their news houses, let the workers use the homes the other 27 days. Presto: Compliance with the 10 percent owner use and no housing shortage! See how simple this can be.Ken RitchieTruckeeHow to transport broadbandFirst, I do not care one way or the other about who has the best broadband program going – CATV or the Truckee Donner Public Utility District. I have DSL and will stay with it. But I do have a concern that the PUD needs to address. The PUD has not presented to the public on how they plan to transport their broadband. I figure there are three possible methods.The first is to lash a fiber cable to existing power lines, of which about 90 percent is overhead on existing poles. That will accent existing lines and make them more visible. The second method would be to place another fiber cable between the CATV and the PUD power lines on each pole, thus adding more visual downside to an already crowded view of our skies. The third possibility is a new technology called BPL, or facilitating broadband over power lines. That is to use existing power lines to transport the broadband. There is a problem with this method though, the Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications & Information Administration have acknowledge that BPL poses a risk of causing interference to licensed radio services, such as fire and police frequencies, short-wave broadcasts, amateur radio and several broadcast TV channels. The FCC has OK’d the use of BPL, but is it worth the risk if it poses a threat to radio communications through out our community that could delay emergency response for the fire department or police? Today the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case where Internet providers would be allowed to sell their high-speed services over the cable television system. If the PUD wants to be a ISP provider why not wait for the decision, and if it goes to CATV being required to allow equal access, let CATV put up the fiber, use their facilities and save a ton of money. Not to mention avoiding the possible side effects of BPL. Bryan E. DeVoeTruckeeDragonflying I would like to thank Billy and his wonderful staff at Dragonfly for being so gracious and providing incredible food, setting and service for the Truckee Family Club’s Christmas event. Everything was fabulous, as usual. We thank him so much for all of his generosity and giving to the Truckee Family Club, the Kid Zone and more. Thanks for making Truckee so special Dragonfly!Jeff and Laura PartridgeTruckee

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