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Readers write

New year wish list for town council:1. Continue the dedicated and hard work you have been doing.2. Heed the edicts of the voters who by a significant majority indicated that they are concerned about growth and the erosion of our “small town atmosphere.”3. Involve the community, via a selection committee, in selecting a new town manager.4. Review the current town manager’s retirement and consultation package via open meetings.5. Place a temporary moratorium on any new building/development projects and put full focus on reviewing and catching up on infrastructure.6. Do not allow any more chain/fast food establishments, particularly free standing ones.7. Realign and widen West River Street.8. Define old lumber mill site as the “new town center,” planning and design to be in place to accommodate that vision. Include community input in the planning.9. Create a “quality of life” committee to advise and address these issues, including noise, air, traffic and facilities.10. Hear and act on the “voice” of the community over that of the development conglomerates.Rolf GodonTruckee Surviving the’Dark Ages’After re-electing a never-doubting, liar president, many of us struggle to make sense of where our country is headed. We hope the majority in California saw through the flim-flam. Though, with only 60,000 votes changing in Ohio and Bush would be gone, it appears one can fool most of the people some (most?!) of the time. Read “When Presidents Lie” to see how other presidents have spun and lied. We’ll survive this guy, too.This election was more than an honest disagreement. Short term (hopefully) representative democracy failed. Many media passed on pap, swallowing a campaign of spin and lies without wavering. Many citizens bought the messenger without examining the message and only a minority of media dissected this. Before we forcefully export our democracy, we should make it work here so others may follow if they choose. Then America could be admired again. Let’s make the opportunity for non-millionaires who represent the people rather than special interests be elected; use our government pro-actively to provide reasonable basic living for all who make the effort rather than re-acting to problems and calamities; and vote with insight to encourage politicians to be more truthful. Can we learn from mistakes? As a senior citizen and retired history teacher, I watched the sadness of our Vietnam lie by Johnson’s Administration. Note the similarities with Iraq: The administration lied and spun, Congress and the people mostly trusted and agreed and we went deep in debt to invade another country for “good.” In Vietnam over a million people (mostly civilians) died, yet the result was the same. Just like a bad investment (we’re investing lives and money), let’s get out when it’s a mistake. If Iraqis are motivated with our aid and training to democratize or at least stabilize their country, they will. As with Vietnam, most Iraqis don’t want uninvited military in their country. Would you?What does one do to survive during a “Dark Age?” Be patient, work to change, be selective receiving “information” from spinners and liars. There are many of us grieving. You’re not alone. Nothing stays the same. After our current mess, enough people will be ready for change. Hopefully, we’ll be better after learning from these mistakes.Duke AckermanTruckeeStay the courseDaily, we are assaulted with an array of underemployed entertainers, formerly important people and assorted America haters proclaiming the folly of our attack on Iraq. Some of the most vocal opponents of our country’s policies are individuals who have demonstrated in their personal lives that they are incapable of managing their own affairs let alone those of the nation.The history of the 20th century is rife with examples of the folly of inaction by great nations. Hopefully, this president has the courage to stay the course and do what needs to be done.Forgive me but I can’t help but be reminded of the advice given to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France in a letter from Catherine the Great of Russia at the height of the French Revolution.The Empress wrote, “Äù Sovereigns ought to proceed in their duties undisturbed by the cries of the mob, as the moon pursues her course unimpeded by the howling of dogs.”Prentiss M. DavisTruckeeAre you happy?So far 19 dead in this week’s attack on the mess tent in Iraq. What a terrific Christmas present for their families. And what does our President have to say about this? According to the Associated Press, “President Bush said the explosion should not derail the elections and that he hoped relatives of those killed know that their loved ones died in ‘a vital mission for peace.'”There is now an opening for any Truckee Bush voters in Iraq – 19 openings to be specific (actually 1,325 since the start of the war). Or better yet, I nominate the Bush twins to go serve in Bush’s “vital mission for peace.”You got what you voted for. Are you happy?Jennifer MontgomerySoda Springs

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