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Readers write

I am a concerned Truckee resident who has lived here for many years and shopped at Safeway. I would like to know why they removed the disabled parking from the right side of the store. That was a parking space I preferred, and I am sure many other disabled people did too. During the winter season, it is easier to maneuver my wheelchair in. Just with this past storm it was a big problem to get through the parking lot and into the store, I was left with no choice but to shop somewhere else. I know sometimes we have a lot of shoppers in Safeway, but taking this handicapped parking access away is not going to make matters better, it only made it difficult for many of us disabled and elderly people. Did Lahontan have to do with the decision of taking the handicapped parking taken off right in front of the store? In my personal opinion, the front parking should be for us handicapped people, and make the good healthy people park in the main parking lot. Ted WalterscheidTruckeeSaviors in the stormI believe most all of us will agree that the Sierras are a magical place in which to live. During storms such as these last few, however, I would like to acknowledge that it is the people who live here who keep it magical, when the weather could make it seem horrendous. A few thank yous are in order!Thanks to all the snow people – those who clear the roads at all hours, and those who hire out to clear driveways and roofs when others cannot. Your long hours and cold extremities don’t go unnoticed.Thanks to the school bus drivers! Hurrah to you all for transporting our children and allowing us to trust you with their safety.Thanks to all with good humor, like the gentleman who took the time to stop and offer me a humorous comment after watching the plow driver add more to the berm I was in the process of trying to remove.Thanks to all who keep their heads and drive cautiously and sanely, as you are protecting all those around you as well as yourselves.Thanks to students with shovels, neighbors with blowers, plow drivers with a few extra minutes for the unrequested assistance in that stray driveway. You all have made someone else’s day a bit lighter.Thanks to all businesses that give up on their own berms at home in order to be sure that their goods and services are available to those of us who need them, even in the midst of storms.Thank you to all the firefighters, emergency personnel, peace officers, hospital talents, and all others who keep us safe when it isn’t especially safe to do so for themselves.I have to say that it is a wonderful and magical thing to actually be able to enjoy these snow storms. Thank you, all, for helping maintain that particular perspective here in Truckee. Laurie RidgelTruckee Solid foundationI would like to respond to your article (“Giving local schools an educational edge” Jan. 7 Sierra Sun). First, thank you for writing about this great foundation. However there are a couple of things I’d like to point out about this foundation. This foundation was created and since then has grown by individuals who have donated many hours of labor and time. Without these individual community members the foundation wouldn’t exist. It would be great if a list of these grants over the years could be published for the public to see just how extensive this foundation has made an impact on education in the Tahoe-Truckee area.Another aspect of this foundation the public and newspaper may not be aware of is that many of the grants have been matched by individuals in our community, either by funds, supplies, or labor. I’d like to give a couple of examples of these generous donations.In your article there was a photograph of the art display cases which was part of a grant that I wrote. The majority of the funds from the foundation went towards purchasing portable art displays that could be placed anywhere in the school or outside of the school in the community. The permanent cases shown in the photograph is the matching part of the grant. Tom Bebee Construction Company donated the labor and materials, and Truckee River Glass donated the glass. I invite the public to view the quality of these cases and you will see the generosity of the people in our community. One last example can be seen at the high tech weather station at Glenshire Elementary School. This was made possible by a grant that I received from the foundation but it couldn’t of been possible without community members donating time, supplies, and equipment. In this case it was Ed Patient of Patient Construction Co. and Al Pombo plus several others.Lastly I want to thank the wonderful people in our community that has given so much to our children. When I retire from teaching I will not be able to afford to live here and after I move I will miss these people greatly, but my life has been richer from just knowing them. Thanks!Carolyn KeigleyTruckee

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