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Readers write

Locals may be interested to know that Shane McConkey, who was shown last week in the Sierra Sun doing a triple backflip dropping 400 ft., is the son of Jim McConkey, the former expert ski instructor at Sugar Bowl when Junior Bonous was Ski School director there in the early 1960s.

Jim married a Sugar Bowl householder’s daughter (Shane’s mother) and moved to Whistler, B.C. where he founded the Whistler Ski School and was its long time director, now retired. Junior Bonous later founded, and was the long time director of the Snowbird Ski School.

Further, for ski history buffs, Sugar Bowl’s co-founder and first ski school director, Hannes Schroll, once had as assistant instructors Friedl Pfeiffer, founder, and long time director of Aspen’s Ski School Alf Engen, founder and long time director of Alta’s Ski School; and Sigi Engel, founder, and long time Director of Sun Valley’s Ski School.

Not bad for the Sierra’s role in incubating famous skiers, including the incredible Shane McConkey.

Nick Chickering

Nevada City

I ski with my kids, ages 8 and 9, every weekend at one of the local ski areas. The kids received Motorola walkie-talkies for Christmas, and were eager to carry them on the slopes so they could talk to each other.

My boy is on the ski team, and was skiing with his group all morning. When he met up with us for lunch he was all in a lather because “some guy keeps using the “F-word on the walkie-talkie.”

I noted that with some skepticism, figuring that with the scratchy reception, someone was probably saying “buck” or “truck,” etc. Just then, loud and clear, some guy (and the timbre of the voice was such that it was obviously someone in his twenties) drawls, “Yo! Where the f—k are you guys?” Naturally, that whipped my two pre-teens into a frenzy. The boy grabbed the walkie-talkie and said (in an obvious little kid voice), “Hey! Quit using the F-word!” Whereupon said adult (and I use the term loosely) let rip with a string of expletives guaranteed to make Andrew Dice Clay sound like a Sunday school teacher.

The “F-word” was featured no less than 9 or 10 times, along with other choice phrases. I snatched the walkie-talkie and told the guy to grow up and stop talking like that on an open channel that little kids had access to. And his comments to me were no less withering.

Is it the first time my kids have heard the “F-word?” No, but, c’mon, have a little common decency when you’re out in public. That word is definitely part of today’s lexicon, but I really don’t need it squawking out of my kid’s radios, thanks. Try and have a little class. Not to mention that it’s illegal, according to the FCC.

Elena Nyhan


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