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Readers write

Truckee is a busy place. So much is going on at any one time that many of us have to pick and choose where and when our time will be spent. That’s why this letter is focused on one and only one meeting. Come to the Truckee Housing Element hearing before the planning commission on Feb. 16, 6 p.m., at Truckee Town Hall.

You’ll hear a diversity of opinion at the hearing on policy topics like mixing commercial and residential use in the same building or neighborhood; requiring new job-creating projects to provide employee housing; and requiring all residential projects to include some lower income housing. Every new regulation has its pros and cons and the planning commission needs to hear those.

Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t need to go, the planning commission will take of it.”

Wrong. You do need to go. Last I checked, the commission members do not know how to read minds. We all should care. We all will have to live with the results, good or bad, of these decisions. Crying about a bad decision a year later isn’t very productive. This Feb. 16 hearing at the planning commission is your first chance to voice your opinion on future housing policy. Or just come to listen if you want to learn more. You’ll have another chance at a town council hearing March 30. Hope to see you there.

Florence Cox


The California State Parks and Recreation Department has decided to build a new museum at Donner Lake and it will be about 100 feet from the water on the east shore. Instead of improving the existing museum, they decided it is more economical to build a brand new 10,000-square-foot building with a new 75,000-square-foot parking lot.-

The building will be visible from the lake and the beach This project is costing $6 million. The draft environmental impact report is available for review at the Truckee Library. The report states that there will be no significant impact to wildlife habitat, scenic quality or to the water and that the only major impact is to the existing archaeological site in the area.-

How can you convert a natural, undisturbed area with only forest and water, into a huge building with a huge parking lot and say there is no significant impact? This project has been in the planning phases for two years and we locals did not even see it in the papers and did not pay attention.

Come on locals, wake up and send in your comments. The person to send the comments to is Get involved.-

Peggy Towns


Editor’s note: The Sierra Sun ran articles about the proposed museum at Donner Memorial State Park on Oct. 8, and Nov. 12, 2004.

Social Security and privatization: Let’s call it what it is and stop jumping around the rhetoric. Social Security privatization is yet another attempt by President Bush and Wall Street to get into the pockets of the American worker.

As to a Senate investigation, it would be very easy to show that the numbers do not add up according to the president’s plan. It would be easy to take the president’s bill and project a “perfect scenario” and show that even that would not assure the same as Social Security provides today. And as to the president’s opinion that the system will be broke by whatever date, that does not hold water.

Say no to Social Security privatization. Secondly, if this monster does become law, let the president show that it is voluntarily not mandatory. Let the new law show that it is up to the individual American to sign on to this mess, signing release forms to accept full knowledge of the possible loss of all of their investments. An intelligent compromise.

The president says he is doing this for Americans; so let Americans decide on their own.

Dan Cooley


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