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Readers write

I read the article and column in Wednesday’s newspaper regarding the killing of a mother bear and two cubs. It literally brought me to tears.

Ann Bryant’s comments regarding human beings’ violent capacities makes sense in light of this seemingly unnecessary massacre. It’s saddening and aggravating at the same time.

In reading the article and column regarding the events, each is different. Bryant’s account of events prior to the slaughter was different than the cabin owners. Then one reads the stories told by the killers and one can only shake one’s head in disbelief. These are licensed hit men? Being charged by sleeping bears?

What’s clear to me is that the overriding culprit is communication. I consider

myself to be an expert in this area. As such I understand how seemingly straight forward messages are heard in differing manners and then told again with a new twist while no one is deliberately twisting things.

Thus, our communication consistently gets us in trouble, and in this tragic case the innocent bears reap the ultimate consequence. Hopefully we can learn from this. That would be the only positive outcome possible.

It sounds like the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has an understanding with the BEAR League and call them when they get complaints. That’s good.

However, the Department of Fish and Game are the ones who issue kill permits.

Are they in the communication loop with the Sheriff and BEAR League? Do they check with these agencies when they get calls? Is there coordinated action between all agencies? If that’s not in place it most certainly needs to be. Would it be helpful for an officer to accompany Bryant on calls and write a comprehensive report of the interactions, share the report with Bryant and complainant for accuracy and have it for the record with copies to everyone?

Bottom line: We need to acknowledge the difficulty we have in communication and set up a structure of checks regarding what was said and heard. I teach such strategies to couples and families and it makes a difference in the outcome of communication.

With better communication this tragedy could have been avoided.

Rolf Godon


Last week the children of Glenshire Elementary were required to take home an advertisement from the Child Evangelism Fellowship in the camouflage of the Good News Club flyer. This flyer, touting “IT’S HERE! IT’S FUN!” does not offer a word of explanation about what sort of “after-school activity” is being offered.

What is the Good News Club? It is an extreme religious organization sponsored by the Child Evangelism Fellowship. The statement of purpose as printed on their web site is, “To evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel.” Webster’s definition of evangelize means to “preach the gospel to, convert to.”

This is not just a bible study group. Their purpose is to convert your K-5th grader and our 5th grader to their fundamentalist beliefs. If you don’t follow their beliefs then it’s bad news.

The deceit in the latest flier is that there is no reference to religion, evangelism, bible, gospel, converts or Child Evangelism Fellowship, etc. References are made to Glenshire School seven times. Giving the false impression that this is an official school sponsored function.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship does and should have the right to rent our schools out as do other organizations. Although, it is questionable if the school district must allow their announcement flyers sent home in the school folders. Should they have the right to deceive us with their underhanded advertisements?

In Truckee we are blessed with many good religious and non-religious groups which help our community. We have never seen any of these groups have to stoop to trickery to recruit new people. We hope the citizens of Truckee and our local churches have the good sense to beware of any association with the Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Joe and Sheri McDaniel


My name is Jen Ward and I am a sophomore and also the drama club fund-raising chair at Tahoe Truckee High School. When I was first approached with the idea of having a small drama showcase to have the proceeds donated to the tsunami relief effort, I jumped at the opportunity.

Little did I know that this “small” event would turn into one of the biggest fund-raisers Truckee High has ever seen. Thanks to the support of the Truckee-Tahoe community, this was all made possible.

It all started when I approached Mark Estee and J.J. Morgan, the owners of Moody’s, and right off the bat they were more than willing to help me get this event off the ground. Once that was in place, I contacted Kay at Event Masters, Bill at The Sign Shop, Dick at O.B.’s, Elizabeth with Elizabeth’s Creation’s, and Pete with the Deckheads. My stepfather, Geoff LeClair, then contacted Candice and Damon at Lahontan, and Ruth with the chamber of commerce.

Another touching moment was on Feb. 4, during my leadership class, when I was frantically looking for some sort of drink donation. I called a friend of mine, Joyce Bove, owner of The Log Cabin Restaurant, and she told me that she and her 12-year-old daughter Rachel were looking for a way to help the tsunami victims, so they both split the cost of beverages.

All of these generous people all were more then happy to help make this event a success. It’s so great that we can look beyond the Sierra and reach out to help fulfill the needs of other people in desperate need. All of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the American Red Cross. I can only hope that more members of our community will come out and support the event Feb. 11 at Truckee High. Adults are $20, and students are $15, and of course any other donations will be enthusiastically appreciated.

Jen Ward


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