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Readers write

Shame, shame to a negligent family who left the door to their home open. You are living among forest animals. What were you thinking? You hired cold-blooded shooters to kill three innocent bears. Self defense? They were shot while they were running the opposite direction while trying to escape a horrible death.

People like you have no place on this planet. All of you committed a horrible injustice to a mother bear and her two young cubs. They could have been tranquilized and placed somewhere else. But you sought to slaughter them instead.

I hope the Department of Fish and Game investigates this case very carefully. This was uncalled for; you’re here to protect our animals.

Shelly Grijalva


There was no official present when three bears were shot in Tahoma recently: no sheriff, no Fish and Game, no official truck. The neighbors called the sheriff’s department after hearing rifles. I would not want unsupervised, unlicensed men shooting in my neighborhood, where kids or pets could easily be in harm’s way.

The permit to kill was not issued locally, by anyone who knew anything, but issued from Sacramento. No official verified anything, nor visited the site beforehand; there were no checks, no corroboration. In fact, there was no break-in, the crime for which the depredation permit was supposedly issued. The owners admitted leaving the crawl space access open. In fact, the bears were trapped, since the owners secured the trap door to the interior, and snow had filled in and blocked the exterior access.

To kill bears ” after luring them in ” while they were sleeping and trapped is beyond inhumane ” it’s unconscionable. It was not even quick or efficient, as the mother and one cub died while trying to dig their way out through the snow. There was no threat. The BEAR League had been on site and had already offered to remove the bears. Ann Bryant does this all the time with 100 percent success ” no bear or human has ever been hurt.

Another instance of inexcusable ignorance causing needless suffering and harm. If nobody fed wildlife there would be no problem. Period. The BEAR League has worked tirelessly to educate residents and visitors (it’s almost always visitors who panic and kill innocent animals).

Please go to their Web site

Sherry and Ted Guzzi

Tahoe City

It’s a sad day when some adults in the community take a fun and positive endeavor like trying to become Snow Festival Queen by making it a prejudiced situation. In the recent article in the Tahoe World it was stated that they were “getting our queen back.” So is this accomplished by not allowing Truckee girls to participate in the competition?

Snow Festival is supposed to be a community event. Are Truckee girls not considered a part of the North Tahoe community? I feel people who make such statements teach our young adults to perpetuate the Truckee-North Tahoe animosity and further create feelings of unfairness for those girls who are now told they can’t even think of participating for they live in Truckee.

Well, I just hope our children are more mature than some of our community adults and realize that the Snow Festival has missed out on potential money raised by Truckee girls and the wonderful young women they will never get a chance to experience.

Becky Comeaux


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