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Readers write

Its taken a week to pen this letter, as Ive been so upset about the bears. Weve been members of Ann Bryants BEAR League for years and have owned a home in Tahoma and Truckee for 20 years. Weve never had trouble with bears even though they walk through our yard.We dont feed bears because a fed bear is a dead bear. Good example is the massacre done by the cabin owners in Tahoma. That mama bear thought she brought her babies to a safe place because the family fed her in the past. The outside door was open as was the trap door into the house an invitation at the very least. Anyone that respectfully lives in the Tahoe area knows you dont encourage wildlife because theyre the ones that pay with their lives. As I understand it, if the Tondas wouldve waited an hour a front loader couldve been brought in and the outside entrance the bears used couldve been cleared. It was covered completely by snow brought by recent record-breaking storms. Then either the bears couldve been shooed away or, as we all know, a few more weeks and they would have left anyway.The Tondas hired three unprofessional animals I do mean the killers not the bears who went down through the unlocked trap door and, not knowing about the babies, into an area with no escape and shot as these poor bears scrambled to get away, clawing at the walls and ground crying. They were then each shot in the head, a horrible bloody mess drawn out for all to see. I guess the bears gall bladder and feet were worth more than their lives.The problem isnt the bears, its the homeowners; uneducated city folk that feed and ultimately cause the demise of our forest creatures. Because youre not full-time residents the remodel could have waited a few weeks and the bears would be alive.The bears were here first. If you cant live with our nature, go back to town. Youre not welcome here.Randy and Cindy McAyealTruckee

When I heard about the three bears who got shot, I felt really sad because I like all animals. Why would they shoot innocent bears? The people who shot them made a bad decision. I think that someone could have used fish as bait to lead them into a truck and take them to a safe place. Bears were here first, and we should treat them nicely. Someday I want to be a veterinarian and help all animals. Please take care of all the bears by not feeding them and closing your doors.Olivia YaleTruckeeAge 6

There used to be a sign that hung over a local Truckee bar that said, If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull(deleted).I felt completely baffled after reading the Sierra Suns article titled A school in limbo, Feb. 18. Why is the Sierra Mountain Middle School (a multi-million dollar public investment) empty and in moth balls.I believe that the Truckee Town Council, the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District board, and the Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District board should lock themselves in a room and start collaborating. I personally would like to see this group dazzle this community with some brilliance.I would also like to remind these public officials that they have a fiduciary duty to take care of the needs of this community. Im outraged, as a taxpayer, that this building is not being utilized.This message is to the taxpayers of Truckee. Please call your elected officials and tell them your feeling over this issue.P.S. This public investment has the potential of making a great community center. Makes more sense to me, than a community center a mile and a half from the end of Truckee Tahoe Airport runway.Denny DickinsonTruckee

My name is Conrad Thompson. I am a senior at Truckee High School. This year I had the privilege of taking Advanced Placement United States history. This class is a college-level course requiring extensive reading and in-class discussion. It also provides an opportunity for students to take the Advanced Placement test and receive university credit. By passing the AP test, parents save on college expenses, and students can complete several general education requirements ahead of time.Measure A provides the funding for the AP program at Truckee High. Thanks to this program, our students can remain competitive with other around the country. Most high schools offer many more AP courses than ours, and by cutting what we do have our students would fall behind the rest of the country. Without the AP program, our college-bound students would be less prepared. Please vote yes on Measure A on March 8.Conrad ThompsonTruckee

It appears to me that if the school district needs the money Measure A provides, they should have put it on the general election ballot. Instead they pay an additional $70,000 to put it on a special election ballot, March 8, 2005. This does not make economical sense to me.Fred HaswellTruckee

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