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Readers write

I would like to send out a congratulations to a big initial victory in the battle of Martis Valley. It is nice to see that some people see Truckee for what it really is: a small mountain community where one can still break away from man-made creations and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty such as the Martis Valley.

Carson Specht


This letter is in opposition to the construction of a new museum on the shore of Donner State Park. I oppose the construction of a “new” museum because they want to locate it in a popular recreation area along the shore of the lake. I oppose the destruction of hundreds of trees. I oppose the use of highway funds for the project. The state is broke, the existing building is in good shape and can be used for years to come.

I am opposed to any construction other than hiking/biking trails, toilets, or camp sites. It’s a park, let people enjoy the open space.

David Greene


Measure A has enriched the lives of students within the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District for 16 years. From the beginning, Measure A has supported specific educational goals.

To ensure Measure A funds are used as intended, there’s a Citizen’s Review Committee (CRC) that meets monthly. This committee develops the annual Measure A budget for approval by the Board of Trustees. The CRC ensures funds are appropriately spent.

This committee is comprised of parent volunteers, teachers and administrators from each school. The CRC board is made up of community members only. Meetings are open to the public and community participation is welcomed.

Since we believe an informed electorate will make the right decision, it’s important to clarify how Measure A funds benefit students. Below is the breakdown of the 04/05 Measure A budget of $2,854,951.

– Technology instruction, computer labs, technical support, infrastructure ” 17.1 percent

– Music programs ” 14 percent

– Counseling, nursing services “16.3 percent

– Instructional materials ” 12.2 percent

– PE ” 11.9 percent

– Academic enhancement courses ” 8.5 percent

– Library resources ” 8 percent

– Smaller class sizes in 4th, 5th grades ” 5.4 percent

– Vocational courses ” 2.9 percent

– Special education bus replacement ” 1.8 percent

– Administrative costs – 1.4 percent

– School maintenance ” .5 percent

Add it up. Only 1.4 percent of the money goes to administrative costs. 98.6 percent of the funds are spent on students ” more than $96 of the $98 parcel tax.

The CRC board is available to meet with anyone to review the budget. It will become obvious Measure A funds go one place and one place only ” to benefit the kids.

Voters have a responsibility to make informed decisions, and not be misled by unsubstantiated claims. The oversight of Measure A is an example of participatory government, where citizens come together publicly, to benefit our most precious resource ” children.

Johanna Monforte, CRC chairperson, parent

Nanci Davis, CRC treasurer, past chairperson, parent

Bev Ducey, CRC recording secretary, parent

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