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Readers write

For 15 years Terri Schiavo has been lying in a hospital in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery. Her family has been in constant legal battles about her right to live or die, all because she did not have a living will.

I recently went through this situation with my father, who did have a living trust that gave my brother and I the right to make medical decisions for him when he could not. Even if there was no trust, my father made it very clear to us that if and when the time came, he would not want to be kept alive.

My father suffered a fall that resulted in a brain injury and for five months we tried everything we could to make him better. When we realized he was not going to get better, my brother and I made the decision that Dad had been put through enough and as much as we wanted him to be with us forever, we let him go. We believe that he is in a better place and someday we will see his smiling face again.

I just can’t imagine having to go through court battles at one of the worst times in my family’s life. Because we knew my father’s wishes, my brother and I had no doubts in our minds that we did the right thing.

Families, please discuss your wishes with your family members. Make a will, get a trust, write your wishes on a piece of paper and get it notarized. The right to die should not be up to the courts, it should remain within the family.

Kerry Taber


Wake up America. Pay attention before Cheney and the Bush Dynasty dupe us again. In the next power play, they have a plan they appropriately call the “nuclear option.” This plan is simple, eliminate the right to filibuster. A filibuster is simply the right of a group of at least 41 concerned senators to extend debate and delay controversial votes.

With a simple majority in the Senate in support of Cheney’s ruling, this one move would overturn the bipartisan checks and balances that have kept the courts fair for centuries. By completely silencing the minority party, a simple majority would gain absolute, unchecked power over all three branches of the federal government for the first time in American history. It will probably come up in a fight over an appeals court nominee. Make no mistake, the real goal is for the four Supreme Court seats likely to turn over in the next four years.

Republicans have taken millions of dollars from their corporate backers. Now as a payback, they’re trying to force through judges who will favor those same corporate interests by overturning laws protecting the environment, civil rights, and workers laws these companies have been trying to get rid of for years.

Talk to your families, friends and anyone you know who cares enough about America to vote. Tell them to contact their senators urging them to protect democracy with a “no” to the nuclear option.

Constance Whitfield


Once again that wily fox Cebridge is trying to get into the hen house. Last Friday, Cebridge filed a lawsuit to invalidate the Nevada County Local Agency Formation Commission’s (LAFCo) initial approval of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District’s application to provide broadband services.

That’s right, Cebridge, a local provider of cable and broadband services, wants to stop TDPUD from competing with them in the allegedly free market. Forget for now that TDPUD has already passed all sorts of hurdles and hearings. Just think of Cebridge throwing its weight around, bullying all of us, defying locals to find an alternative provider.

It is true that Cebridge has first-rate customer service reps. Whenever we call about terrible reception or service outages ” and we have called many, many times ” their office people are entirely professional. I’d just like an alternative or two because open markets are supposed to be about consumer choices, not the preferences of huge corporations. When TDPUD finally gets a fair shot in the game, I’ll be calling them.

Joe Calabrese


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