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Readers write

I try not to be pessimistic. I try not to bash on tourists and developers, but I have to draw the line somewhere. We keep reading stories about the lack of affordable housing in Truckee, the residents who move or commute to Reno, and the fact that more people ” with more money than most of our locals ” have decided to call Truckee “home” for 104 days out of the year.

But the hardships that our town deals with ” i.e. the brutal traffic jams on the weekends, the lack of well-mannered and joyful locals that we see midweek, and the overall attitude of some tourists ” pretty much upset me. From the day I moved here a decade ago, I knew Truckee was a tourist town. I knew that we didn’t go to town on the weekends, and we always night skied after a full day to beat the traffic on 89. These were just the spoils that went with being privileged to live in Truckee. But I had no idea that our locals were going to be forced out of homes and jobs because of a rising desire to live here.

More affordable houses need to be built for us ” the bulk of our town ” and at least try to still the tooth that nibbles at the problem. So as each day passes and more and more of the beauty becomes second homes and golf courses, one has to ask, if we can’t build fixed-rent parcels for our locals, why do we need more golf courses?

John Forbes


I just wanted to write to ask why our police chief, Scott Berry, thought it was necessary to chase a harmless kid on his dirt bike through a residential neighborhood? Was it that important that it was worth putting the Daves and the large number of kids that live on or around The Strand at risk? I also wanted to ask why Scott was speeding to catch Dave. In the weeks prior to the accident, Truckee police were posted up on The Strand pulling over anyone going faster than the speed limit of 25.

It says in the article that was just published (“Investigation into police pursuit death wraps up,” Sierra Sun April 6) that Dave was traveling at 40 to 60 mph. So Scott, how fast were you going? Do you even know? Or were you too caught in the joy of catching and arresting another kid for no reason? Was it worth it Scott? So do you have any answers? I know it’s a little late to be writing this, but the recent article got me so mad I had to. Rest in peace, Dave.

Ian Wright


I was shocked to read in the Sierra Sun that no changes in the Truckee Police Department hot-pursuit policy will be made. In a residential area I see no justification for a high-speed chase except murder. I ask that the Truckee Town Council reconsider their policy.

Further, I wonder how thorough the CHP investigation was. My family lives within 100 yards of the David Kurrle accident site, had a clear view, and was never canvassed. Also, that must have been a real quiet siren on Chief Berry’s unmarked vehicle. At Donnington Lane and The Strand a siren is a major event and all four of us always stop to look. We didn’t discover the crash scene until closing our drapes for the evening and seeing the emergency vehicle lights.

Gary McNally


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