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Readers write

Perhaps you wondered if anything at all important occurred in the world during the news media’s preoccupation with Terri Schiavo.

Well yes. One huge story you may have missed was the guilty plea from Bill Clinton’s former national security advisor, Sandy Berger. Berger admitted to removing and destroying documents from the National Archives in 2003.

Berger had been given access to the documents so he could prepare to testify before the 9/11 Commission. The documents contained information relating to the Clinton administration’s efforts (or lack thereof) to combat terrorism.

When the story first broke, former President Clinton excused Berger’s action as a simple mistake by Berger who apparently has a reputation for sloppy bookkeeping. Berger, who had formerly been mentioned as a likely Secretary of State in a John Kerry administration, apparently took scissors to the documents, removing whatever he saw fit to hide.

It’s unlikely we will ever know for sure what information Berger chose to destroy. If Berger’s deal with the Justice Department is approved, Berger will relinquish his security clearance for three years. I suppose that will make him eligible in time for a big job in a Hillary Clinton White House.

Prentiss Davis


The founders established a system of government in which the three branches ” legislative, executive and judicial ” act as checks and balances for one another. The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans are trying to dismantle this time honored trust, wanting nothing less than absolute power.

Tom DeLay and religious extremists have already hijacked and infiltrated the Republican Party and two branches of government ” the executive and legislative. The only thing that stands in the way of total domination of the U.S. Government is the judiciary.

DeLay, R-Texas, is leading the charge to subdue jurisprudence and the judiciary by referring to them as run “amok,” arrogant and out-of-control. Anyone who has been following the news for the last month knows exactly who is out-of-control and run amok ” Tom DeLay.

Tom DeLay has become a liability to Republicans, part of the Washington loose ethics. Let him keep spouting off for all to see.

Ron Lowe—–

Nevada City

In regards to the article “Worlds Apart” in the April 1 Sierra Sun: Is it possible to write a piece regarding an ethnic group these days without blurting out the inevitable “racial problem?” The impact of our local housing problem is subject to everyone, no matter race nor work background. Our housing situation is hardly prejudice. To imply otherwise, and to exclude other from the town’s workforce and “bedrock of the community” is inaccurate and a slap in the face to all hard workers in any trade.

Many locals, longtime and otherwise, are being exiled from town and making the commute back. It is the sad truth, but the town’s housing crisis is not targeting any specific ethnic group.

There are many hard working, longtime residents, whether from here or have relocated from another town or state who are still on the outside looking in.

Ya know, I am curious how much local income is not being circulated into our community, but rather sent to Mexico to contribute to their number one revenue source.

Jack Wimberly


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