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Readers write

I enjoyed the column (“Confessions of a snowbound cycling sicko” Sierra Sun April 27) as it reminded exactly how I felt when I lived in Truckee and had to deal with staring at my bikes hanging in the garage all winter.

Having moved to Truckee after college, with lots of bicycle racing under my belt, those first winters were hard. The idea of a stationary trainer had little to no appeal, but I succumbed and after two winters and bought a set of rollers which makes it seem like your actually riding as you do have to balance and be smooth.

Eleven winters later I moved to Santa Cruz. I gave the snow blower away, left the snow shovels, and now most of my winter clothing is wasting away in boxes stored in the garage. It has been seven years now since I moved down here next to the ocean and I still miss Truckee, which is why I read the Sierra Sun online.

But I do ride my bike year-round, which has its pluses and minuses. I have been averaging close to 6,000 miles a year on the bike and sometimes it takes motivation to get out and ride. In Truckee when the riding season starts up the joy of cycling lasts right up to the day the first snow falls and you start looking at your ski equipment again.

Phil Trenholme

Santa Cruz

As a Catholic, I take great offense at you ridiculing our religious beliefs in your editorial picture of April 27. We just buried one of the greatest men of our century and the last, Pope John, recognized by billions of people and most government leaders as a leader who showed mercy and consideration for all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. We have a new pope who will, by all accounts follow in his foot steps. Our religious beliefs are not subject to change by a secular elite who believe basic moral rules change with the times.-

I could expect a picture like this from some elite, secular, liberal rag in one of our major cities but not from the Sierra Sun in Truckee. Whoever made this choice should be looking for a new job and apologize to the Catholic population of this area.

Donald E. Colclough


The board of directors of the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe (CATT) recently passed a “Proclamation of Support” for Truckee Day, June 4. Truckee Day is the annual town-wide street cleanup and block party, timed to occur after the last wintry storm but also before thousands of visitors make Truckee their summer destination.- –

CATT’s Proclamation recognizes all the work put on by the organizers and volunteers and “encourages all citizens to become involved in this worthwhile event.”

We think this event accomplishes three very important things: This event produces a positive visible result in just a few hours, the event fills a need that was unmet, and the event brings the community together in a shared goal. We hope other organizations also recognize Truckee Day for the benefits ” tangible and intangible ” it brings. If you haven’t circled Saturday, June 4, on your calendar, do it now! —

Pat Davison

CATT Executive Director

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