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Readers write

Senator Bill Frist has decided it’s time to roll back 200 years of the checks and balances designed by the drafters of the Constitution to protect us from the tyranny of single party rule. Through the Republican named and formulated “Nuclear Option,” Senator Frist wants to seize power of the judiciary by installing radical right-wing judges, Supreme Court justices and lower court judges who will roll back worker’s rights, environmental protections, women’s rights and other protected privacy rights to the detriment of us all.

I have truly begun to fear the imposition of an American Taliban-style government by reactionary forces such as Senator Frist, Congressman DeLay, Pat Robertson (who said that judges were a greater threat than the 9/11 terrorists!) and Rev. Dobson who has called for impeaching sitting judges for doing their jobs. This sort of behavior is un-American and it must be opposed. Speak out now before your rights are the ones that have been denied.

Jennifer Montgomery

Soda Springs

I have read and heard a lot lately about people who would like to see the most famous four-wheeling trail in the world closed to motor vehicles.

I have lived on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe for more than 30 years. I started enjoying the Rubicon as a small boy with my grandfather on dirt bikes. As I grew older I graduated to four wheels. I am the third generation of my family who enjoys it. I have seen the Rubicon go through huge changes. The biggest is the respect people have for this trail.

When I was young, that trail was littered with stolen road signs, beer bottles, abandoned vehicles and many shortcuts through erosion-type areas. Most people forget how non-environmentally friendly it was. It’s not like that any more. People have changed ” four-wheelers have changed. There is an incredible amount of respect now, no litter, no road signs, no abandoned vehicles, no shortcuts. And all this with thousands of more people using it.

There is the occasional person who tries to wreck it by leaving their mess behind, but many of us who care are even willing to clean up that mess to preserve the trail. There used to be a lot of areas to go dirt biking or wheeling in the Tahoe Basin, most have been closed by people writing letters the opposite of this one who don’t even live here.

Those people have a right to hike and bike in an area without motor vehicles ” that seems to be what Tahoe is about now. They have thousands of places to go where we can’t, so please leave this one to us, because it’s one of our last and most important ones, and we have proven that we can take care of it.

What happened to the old Forest Service saying “Land of many uses.” By the way, off highway vehicles pay for their green stickers/registration, to use this “free” land of ours and some of those funds go to preserve and maintain these treasures. Please respect our efforts and this trail so the fourth generation of my family can enjoy it as I do.

Shawn Heywood


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