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Readers write

Your front page article on single Truckee women was to say the least degrading to all women in Truckee. The gentlemen interviewed in the article are a little shallow on their views of the single women. According to them, not only are single women not present in Truckee because of the snow, it is the bad parking, lack of outdoor skills, and our disliking for mountain living.It would sound to me that perhaps there are so few single women in Truckee because of guys who make comments like these gentlemen. The bartenders at Cottonwood seem to be perfect examples of why women aren’t scouting out men in bars. What a shameful comment for the Sierra Sun to publish.Pati Murray was right in perhaps that men with any intelligence who are really seeking a girlfriend to search someplace other than a bar. Established community women have truly found what Truckee has to offer and it seems it is not hanging out at a bar waiting for Mr. Right to come along.Ginny PomroyTruckeeMr. RightsI’m writing in response to the article “Bigfoot, Jackalope and single Truckee women” in the Aug. 13 Sierra Sun.It was nice to see a lot of my perceptions validated by others about the single scene. I would like to expand on Pati’s (valid) comments about the pool of guys you few awesome single women have to choose from here. While the stereotype is given that term for good reason, there are also some late 20s to early 30s gainfully employed career guys that have a lot to offer, who break from the typical single men you find in your little pond in Truckee. We might be the one who pulls off the trail and smiles while you pass biking a singletrack, or the one who reaches over and gives you that box you’re trying to reach in the back of the top shelf at the market. We’re the ones who respect your words or attitude, when we think you aren’t interested.That last comment is what I hope some of the ladies might hear. Having the situation as it is, some of you may feel forced to raise your guard so high that those of us who are more subtle and respectful would never get a chance to make that initial spark. We look just as good as the alpha wolves, go just as big (bigger) in the mountains, but we are looking for more than the “typical scene” when searching for you. We won’t be found yelling at the TV watching a game and hitting on you during commercials at a bar. We certainly won’t be harassing you if you say you’re involved or not interested. We’re subtle, probably too much so.The next time you’re out enjoying these mountains we call home and you see one of us smiling and trying to be nice, give us the benefit of the doubt that we might be the real deal. A few of us are.Aaron HansonTruckeeMr. & Mrs. Maybe?My friend just e-mailed me the article about the shortage of single women in Truckee. We lived in the Truckee-Tahoe area during most of the ’70s. Although my beloved funky little town has been yuppified ad nauseam, I guess the ratio of single men to single women hasn’t changed much.But (to paraphrase from a T-shirt made by women in an Alaskan town – don’t remember the name – with the highest men/women ratio), “Truckee, where the odds are good, but the goods are odd,” which never stopped me from trying.Nanette LogueSan Jose

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