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Readers Write

The article (“49’ers frown on racy video” Sierra Sun June 3) about the 49’ers video; boys will be boys, but men should know better!

Paul Leyton


A recent optimistic letter (“Flying safe” Sierra Sun June 8) on general aviation safety trends fails to paint the whole picture. According to the National Transportation Safety Board there were 2.46 fatalities (1.37 fatal accidents) per 100,000 flight hours for general aviation in 2003. The Department of Transportation reported 1.48 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled by motor vehicle (including motorcycles) for the same period, and improving. If one assumes a distance of 250 miles per flight hour then general aviation is more than six times more deadly per mile traveled. Incidentally, scheduled airlines are far safer, by a factor of 100 or more; there were two fatal accidents in 2003.

Now, Truckee is at a relatively high elevation. As the letter writer knows, conducting aviation operations at elevation is particularly risky. A recent study demonstrated that Truckee may be five times more dangerous than the average Californian airport. The statistics he quotes are nationwide and shouldn’t be transposed to what happens in Truckee, where there were two accidents, one fatal, reported to the NTSB for our little airport in 2003. The letter writer is correct in that aviation does not pose a significant risk to people on the ground. In 2003, nationwide three people on the ground were killed in general aviation accidents, in 2004 none.

But all of this is beside the point. While it’s encouraging that general aviation is getting safer, especially considering the upward trend of flight hours, it does not address the noise, environmental, and security problems generated by aviation activities. It does not help to provide one-sided observations when other residents are working towards integrating the airport into the community, hopefully using more balanced input.

Andrew Terry


Right on the heels of a fabulous community event, a bingo night for our children, the staff of Glenshire Elementary was again reminded how fortunate we are to work at such a wonderful school in an equally wonderful community. On a recent Thursday morning the staff was transported to the streets of Paris as our parents from the Parent Teacher Organization wheeled carts laden with rich, freshly brewed coffee, just-out-of-the-oven pastries, and perfectly fresh fruit to our classrooms. What a delicious surprise.

The staff was still talking about this the next day, when, to our utter delight, our hard-working parents from the PTO transformed our library into an incredible dining experience. The presentation and balance of hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees, and desserts rivaled that of any fine restaurant. The PTO also presented each staff member with an apron or a hat and a goodie bag of skin care items. Two parents, Karen Sloan and Gretchen Kydd, created and produced a professional video that chronicled GES students’ appreciation of their teachers and at the conclusion of the presentation; there were few dry eyes in the house.

Thank you to all hard-working parent members of the Glenshire PTO. It would be remiss not to mention the following individuals who, through their tireless leadership and dedication, make Glenshire Elementary an even better place to be. Special thanks go to Mary Guerra, Gretchen Kydd, and Christine Marsh who made us feel valued and appreciated with their amazing luncheon and breakfast treats. Kudos to Lori Breen for spearheading the Bingo night; the students are still talking about the fun they had! We truly appreciate every Glenshire parent and thank you for your devotion and commitment to your children and their education.

The Staff of Glenshire


I applaud the Town of Truckee for considering the possibility of opening a medical marijuana treatment center in town. Why stop there? It appears to me several other groups of people would benefit from other alternative medical treatment centers.

The town council should also consider opening these types of treatment centers: Opium dens to supply “medicine” to the people who need something stronger than marijuana. Open a brothel to help people who suffer from nymphomania. A petting zoo could be opened and operated by people who suffer from bestiality issues and local day care centers could be run by people who suffer from pedophilia disorders. By all means, the local bars should serve alcohol 24 hours a day to provide relief to people who suffer from alcoholism.

I think with cutting edge thinking like this, the town council can make this a town that all the people of Truckee would be proud of.

R.C. Fisher


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