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Readers write

Governor Schwarzenegger has traveled around the country gathering huge amounts of money to battle the people who educate our children and a other “special interests.”

Across this state people are less than lukewarm about his “special election.” Now he’s changing his talk to taxes, a perennial agitator. So I guess he wants us to pay for a special election but not for roads and schools and things in our community that we appreciate on a daily basis.

I say that he should use the war chest he gathered in Florida and other states to pay for his special election so that the citizens of this state don’t have to foot the bill.

Susan Jimenez-Anderson


Two letters about aviation appeared in last week’s papers. The first brought good news to Truckee about the improving trend in general aviation safety. The second insulted the information in the first, along with the first writer.

The second writer claimed that the first “knows (that) conducting aviation operations at elevation is particularly risky.” I talked with the first writer, and we agree that it’s much riskier to operate at Bay Area airports than Truckee. We both have years of experience operating at busy metropolitan airports and little airports like Truckee.

Additionally, the second writer quoted a recent study (done by him), which proved that Truckee is “five times more dangerous than the average California airport.” While the second writer is a self-proclaimed statistician, he doesn’t consider how the National Transportation Safety Board assigns an accident to a location, allowing data to be skewed to prove what he wanted to prove.

According to his study, Truckee is dangerous because a hot air balloon took off near Prosser and crashed near Stampede. Truckee is dangerous because a helicopter took off from a dirt strip seven miles northeast of Truckee and immediately crashed. The list of accidents, which were “credited” to Truckee but had nothing to do with Truckee, goes on and on. When you don’t know anything about the NTSB’s accident reporting system, it’s easy to use only numbers and make the data sound like you want it to.

It’s too bad that good news isn’t accepted as good news. It’s too bad that the second writer doesn’t acknowledge that the aviation community has worked with the non-aviation community for over three years toward better town/airport integration. And it’s too bad that pre-election flawed data was dug up and fed to Sierra Sun readers.

Here’s to continued safe operations at Truckee and around the country.

Leigh Golden


Concerning the recent My Turn guest column “Students Should Share The Scholarships” (Sierra Sun June 10), the argument seems to be that students at Forest Charter School should be considered for local scholarships because they reside in the local area.

In fact, these students are enrolled in a Nevada City school district, and have chosen to obtain their education from a source outside our community. Truckee is blessed with outstanding schools, and they are open to all. If a family feels their students educational needs are best served elsewhere, I respect their choices. However, those are choices, not necessities. Parents of children enrolled through a Nevada City school district should look to the Nevada City area for scholarships.

Frank Aldridge


I just read Ted Owens’ memoriam about Ruth Frishman’s active life in our community. It was well-written, compassionate, and full of the kind of positive and forward-thinking energy she exuded for so many years. I didn’t know Ruth well, but when I spoke to her, I knew that I had met a real community activist. Thanks.

Mark McLaughlin

Carnelian Bay

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