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Readers write

On Tuesday, June 21, the teachers of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District were asked to vote on contract language changes despite the fact negotiations have stalled and we are currently at impasse. The result of the vote was a resounding no. Over 97 percent of the Tahoe Truckee Education Association voted to reject the proposal.Although we agree in principle with language changes tentatively proposed by our negotiating team, we do not feel that ratifying a contract one line at a time is appropriate. A contract is made up of many pages, articles and lines including salary and benefits. To vote on a contract proposal that does not reflect the entire contract is not in the best interest of our entire association.Our no vote is meant to show our negotiating team the amount of support our membership has for their efforts and the support they can count on in the future as needed.If and when a fair and equitable proposal for a new contract, in its entirety, is made to the TTEA, we will vote again. If the proposal is fair and equitable I am sure the results will be different.Bob MilaniNorth Tahoe High SchoolAn amazing womanRuth Hall, who has been the director of Sierra Nevada Children’s Services for the past 23 years, is retiring this week. Ruth is an amazing woman who has done so much for the children, day care providers, preschool teachers and parents of our community. She has been involved in and developed incredible programs for children who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to participate. She has helped parents find daycare and preschool options for their children and has helped in funding daycare for those who need assistance. Ruth has worked hard to establish community education seminars for teachers, parents, and day care providers. She has also provided bridges for bilingual families to participate in a variety of programs.Ruth has been an amazingly positive advocate for all the children in Truckee. She has spent countless hours above and beyond her position to better our community and the children she cares so much about. She has served as a gateway to any kind of children’s services that are provided in Truckee. If there was a child who needed help, we could always call Ruth and she became the starting point to get that help.There will be a party honoring Ruth at Zano’s Pizzeria on Thursday, July 7 at 6 p.m. For more information call Discovery Preschool at 587-6966.Thank you so much Ruth. You are amazing and our respect for you and all you have done is so strong. You have touched so many people’s lives with your care and love.Jannell Botto and Lynn AkersTruckeeThink twice about pit bullsI am responding to the article “Aggressive canines ordered out of Tahoe” (Sierra Sun June 22). I’m an extended member of the Faibish family. I was with them from the Friday night the mauling happened through the following week. I want to warn everyone who thinks pit bulls or mixed breeds of the American bull terrier, to think twice about having these dogs. They’re an unpredictable breed, and have been bred since the 16th century to kill. If you don’t believe me go to the “History of Pit Bulls.” I want young families like the Faibish family to know this is a dog that shouldn’t ever be around children or young adults. This family raised these dogs from puppies and the dogs slept with the children the night before the mauling. This family loved these dogs and I am sure that no one could ever convince this family that the dogs would turn on someone in the family. There have been two more vicious attacks by this breed since the killing of little Nicholas Faibish.No mother would let a killer near their children but they’ll bring this dog into the family and take a risk this may be the dog that rips that child or the neighbor child to bits. No family should ever have to go through what this one is going through. The animal control officer of El Dorado County states that “the problem with pit bulls is they can do more damage.” Yes, the way in which they attack is a trait that is bred into them just like a hunting dog hunts, a retriever retrieves. The pit bull attack is deadly. You need to ask why do drug dealers and criminals have these dogs? They don’t have golden retrievers or poodles. They know the breed and they know how deadly they can be. Oh, by the way, the Faibish dogs were never trained to fight.We need more education for dog owners, especially for young families. People need to be responsible dog owners; they need to spay and neuter their dogs.I commend Mayor Gavin Newsom for taking steps to prevent such attacks in the future. I would hope every community would do the same.Donna CaravelliTahoe City

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