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Readers write

I am commenting on the article that appeared in the July 1 Sierra Sun (“Despite euthanization, Placer County says animal shelter is still a ‘no kill’ facility”) regarding the euthanization of an animal deemed “dangerous” by Placer County.I’m sorry, but as a user of the English language, Placer County officials are not allowed to make up their own definitions of commonly used terms. “No kill,” as commonly used in the animal welfare community, means that “animals are not destroyed except in cases of terminal and painful illness, when compassion demands euthanasia because there is no reasonable alternative” ( [Placer County officials] may or may not have had good and sufficient reasons to euthanize the animal in question, but the act of euthanizing a animal deemed “dangerous” falls outside the commonly used definition of “no kill.” As a result Placer County Animal Services is not a no-kill organization and should not claim to be one.Earl SmithTruckeeThanks a bunch for the ‘open’ spaceDear past and present town council and planning commission members who voted for Gray’s Crossing,Have you people thought about getting on the commercial “What were they thinking”? The new scenic corridor that East West has created on westbound Interstate 80 at the bypass exit is a real beauty. You gave up a scenic corridor designation on Highway 89 north in exchange for what? Some land that will have disputed use because of the airport? The folks at East West have to still be giving themselves high fives over that deal.If it wasn’t for those few remaining trees being on state property, we would really have a clear picture of what is going to be in the “open” space East West promised you. What’s that, you say? Don’t worry, it is going to be restored, really, is that after Sierra Pacific relocates their main power transmission line to that corridor, where by state law nothing tall can grow because of fire risk. Maybe they can plant billboards to thank locals and business who fought so gallantly for Gray’s Crossing, or maybe a sign that welcomes everyone to East West Ville. I heard a song this morning that went “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone, tear done the trees to put up a parking lot and then charge a buck and a half to see them.”All of you owe this town an apology, no matter how many non-native plants they put there, it will never be the same. Truckee was once called the “Jewel of the Sierras” because of our forests that surrounded our community, now we are the cubic zirconium of the Sierras.Bryan E DeVoeTruckeeThink before auctioning animalsAs board members of NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue, we wish to educate your community about the current practice of auctioning puppies at nonprofit fund-raisers. This has become a popular auction item at many charity events; however, we feel it is an inappropriate one and have been working with the Humane Society, American Kennel Club and Golden Retriever Club of America to discourage groups from auctioning any live animals. Doing so sends the wrong message to your supporters and the community about regard for life. Any addition to a family, human, canine or other, warrants very careful consideration and planning.Responsible breeders with quality dogs would not offer their animals for auction. Reputable breeders are as concerned about the placement and welfare of their puppies as potential buyers are of the quality of the dog.A new American Kennel Club policy suspends registry privileges for any breeder who donates their puppies for auction or resale. Therefore, the AKC will not officially recognize these purebred dogs.The addition of any animal to a family requires careful consideration and planning to assure a good match. Animals purchased on impulse are often later surrendered to shelters or rescue groups, adding to the more than 12 million companion animals already flooding the doors of our nation’s animal welfare agencies.Since much of the focus of a nonprofit organization is children and animal welfare, it is especially important to promote values and compassion and respect for animals through your actions. Norcal Golden Retriever RescuePhil Fisher, Board Member, Tahoe City; Howard Guild, Board Member, Tahoe City; Jeanne Hanlon, Board Member, Truckee; Marilyn Ormond, Board Member, Truckee; Teresa Colucci, Area Coordinator, Truckee

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