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Readers write

I just finished an essay by Michael Shellberger and Ted Nordhaus [“Death of Environmentalism,”], these two enviro-leftists have penned an essay critiquing the failure of the billion dollar environmental movement to engage mainstream Americans in the looming crisis that faces us all. (Their words, their take on the global warming theory.)It appears people have just glazed over from doom and gloom stories and, “I have a nightmare” speeches. The scare tactics and lack of connectivity with mainstream Americans has come full circle.I have read information on global warming theory from both sides of the spectrum, and I find enviro-leftists pretty worked up over this issue and they are more than willing to spin the science to prove their point. (They call it “framing an issue”.)The climate scientists who are actually studying global warming and human impact on CO2 levels pretty much say the same thing. Global warming (and cooling) are natural cycles that go on all the time. We are in a warming cycle currently; human impact on rising CO2 levels and the consequences need more study.Michael Crichton nailed the issue in his new book “State of Fear.” The enviro-lobby has lost its way.Scott DenhamTruckeeThis is why I wear yellow ribbonsIn reference to the column on yellow ribbons [“Supporting the war takes more than hanging up yellow ribbons,” July 1 Sierra Sun]. Shame on you! You may be entitled to your own opinion, but you should do a little research first. Your article ate at me for about three days, so I decided to respond.Almost everyone I know that “wears” yellow ribbons on their cars, have served our country, even the women. I served during war time at two jobs I had. My husband served, my grandfather in World War I, my father in World War II and two brothers in Vietnam. People use to buy bonds to show support, now we support our troops by showing them we are thinking of them, that they are not forgotten. They did not go away for vacation, they went to do a job that they were ordered to do, what they vowed to do, before they enlisted. When I drive by people with ribbons, I see ex-Veterans of War, I see their wives, daughters, sons, mothers and fathers.I bought my five ribbons from a group of wives in Maui, where my husband is from. They sell them and use the money for a fund to help the children of the parents who are serving in Iraq. So you see, we are two people who are supporting our troops in “our way.” We don’t like war and don’t all agree on what President Bush has done, but we support our military who made their choice to go.Judy WilliamsTruckeeRestaurants are not for saleIn a recent letter to the editor, I stated that both Wolfdale’s and Christi Hill restaurants in Tahoe City were for sale. This is definitely not the case, and I wish to apologize for this mistake.Rusty PauliTruckee

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