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Readers write

President Bush has repeatedly stated, “We are fighting these terrorists with our military in Afghanistan and Iraq and beyond so we do not have to face them in the streets of our own cities.” The implication being that we and our allies, including Britain, were “safer” under Bush’s policies. We saw the folly of Bush’s ill planned and poorly executed war on “terror” today in London.As an ex-Londoner myself, I don’t need to wonder how the residents of London feel about Bush’s statements today. They know lies and misdirection when they hear it – and that is all we hear from this corrupt administration. We have been told over and over that if we fought the terrorists in Iraq, we wouldn’t need to fight them at home. That was the justification for the misguided war after the WMDs and the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection turned out to be lies. Once again we are bearing the fruits of our government pulling our focus away from Afghanistan where Al Qaeda was based and going off into a chosen war that has not made any of us safer. Thanks, George for your fine but meaningless words on behalf of the 37 dead and the 700 wounded.Jennifer MontgomerySoda SpringsTour de what?The dust has settled and the Coors Classic bike race is just a painful memory.The letter (“Bike race bust” Sierra Sun June 24) is absolutely correct. What a mess. I agree that those who would bring all nature of activities to Truckee ought to be asking those of us (especially the business owners) who have to navigate around this community what kinds of stuff should be brought into town and when. There can never be an excuse to close streets in an already traffic impacted town. (Well, OK, parades are an exception). My visitors and others I talked to were really unhappy and got no benefit from the bike race nor did they care about it.Lynne LarsonTruckeeWelcome to TruckeeMy wife and I have been frequent visitors to the Tahoe area for many years and stay in Truckee during our visits. We enjoy the summer climate, the beautiful scenery, hiking and the other outdoor activities that are available in the entire Tahoe area although we stay in Truckee. During the past couple of years we have noticed an increase in the number of off leash dog walkers on the trails in the Truckee area. On a walk last year on the south side of Highway 267 an off-leash, very friendly young dog jumped on my wife, just being friendly. However, the dog slid down dragging a foot over my wife’s leg and drew blood from the scratch. We told the owner that dogs should be on a leash and got the reply, “This is Tahoe. Everyone walks their dogs off leash.” And she simply walked away with her dog.A couple of weeks ago walking on the road to the Martis Creek Dam we were confronted by a woman with two off-leash dogs. One of the dogs approached us with the hair standing up on its back, but did fortunately not come too close although it made us uncomfortable. I told this woman that her dogs should be on leashes. She replied, “This is Tahoe. No one leashes their dogs. Go back to the Bay Area. We don’t want you here.”She couldn’t possibly have known where we were from, but she should know that the Truckee economy is highly dependent on Bay Area visitors who use the local hotels, restaurants and other local businesses, and buy very expensive homes in the Truckee area. Last week as I approached a shop in the shopping center at the intersection of Deerfield Road and Highway 89 a large white dog approached me growling and with the hair on his back standing up. I simply turned around and walked away.It is time for Truckee to take the dog problem seriously before one of the off-leash dogs does some real harm to one of your visitors. An enforced leash law is needed. It would also be useful to educate the locals on the importance of Bay Area visitors to the local economy.Tony Gaechter

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