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Readers write

Measure H passed largely because the voters were told that half the property for the new college would be protected as open space for all time. Now the overpaid bureaucrats at Snow Boarder U. are looking for loopholes to allow possible future development in the open space. The trustees of the Tahoe Donner Land Trust must make sure that Sierra College sign an air-tight agreement to ensure no future development in the open space. A deal is a deal.Dave GreeneTruckeeHelping the environmentPeople need to help the environment more by doing these helpful acts. Citizens should not drive their cars as much. They should take the local bus, walk, or take their bike so it does not give off as much exhaust into the atmosphere. In addition, people should recycle and reuse more stuff like paper, bottles and cans. It helps by not cutting down as many trees and not piling up garbage. Another way to help the environment is by stopping chemical plants that give off green house gases. These gases hold in heat from the Earth, which causes global warming. Doing these acts will help the Earth from total destruction. Cheyenne AcevedoEntering sixth grade at Alder Creek Middle SchoolLocals unleashedRecently someone from out of town who visits our town wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that Truckee consider adopting a leash law for dog owners. Our community does a good job of offering many unleashed areas where responsible dog owners and their dogs can partake in the great outdoors. I am not personally aware of unleashed dogs being reported as a problem for our area, so personally I think such a law to be completely unnecessary. What I do think, though, is that perhaps some of these “locals” should put a “leash on their attitudes” and learn how to control their sarcasm and arrogance. One should be able to make their point(s) in such a manner as to avoid us other “locals” from viewing them as an embarrassment to our community. Let’s put an end to all the “out-of-towner” bashing and act like the caring community that brought us “locals” to live here in the first place. Local and loving it.Sherrie PatzkeTruckeeBig dogs and the Bay AreaThis is probably one of an avalanche of letters you’ve received in response to the letter “Welcome to Truckee” (Sierra Sun July 13) by a visitor who complained bitterly about Truckee’s dog problem as well as local lack of appreciation for the economic benefit of Bay Area visitors.Gee, we still have a dog problem. There are two kinds of people in the world: Little Dog People and Big Dog People. By the number of coyote baits I’ve seen walking, under leash of course, along my street, the Little Dog People are quickly and aggressively pushing the Big Dog people out of town. I really miss my big galumphing friends and the fun we all had watching them play together.As for the economic benefits of Bay Area, and other visitors, Truckee has become an economy of boutique shops and tony restaurants. Not only do Truckee people have to purchase necessities in Reno, many local workers have to live in Reno because the housing costs have been bloated by Bay Area money. Our open space and water supply are being threatened by thousands of potential homebuyers looking forward to the proposed gated and golf course-enhanced developments.Many wonderful people have left Truckee because they’re tired of rude tourists crowding the grocery stores and traffic snarls and reckless drivers. They’re also extremely bored with visitors, such as the “Welcome to Truckee” letter writer, who feel the need to remind us regularly just how very important they are. Ho hum.I wonder how the writer behaves when he visits someone’s home in the Bay Area. Does he tell them how they should discipline their animals and remind them how lucky they are to have his company? I wish our visitors would remember that they are visiting our home and their respect and consideration would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, they can benefit some other bucolic town with their money.Sue CauhapeTruckeeSick of whining dog loversExcuse me, but the issue is not whether a majority or a minority in this community are dog lovers. The issue is that dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs within their sight and under control at all times. Most owners do, but there are enough dog owners out there that do not. They are making a bad name for the responsible dog owners in Truckee, especially when these owners are asked to control their dogs and they get mad at you.Owners are responsible to make sure that their dogs come when called, do not chase deer, do not charge toward or jump up on walkers, runners or cyclists, and certainly do not bite anyone. If owners can manage these responsibilities with their dogs off leash, then fine. But any owner who does not have full voice control at all times of his or her dogs, must leash them.I am been jumped on, knocked down, scratched and bitten by enough dogs, while running and even while swimming in Donner Lake, that I am sick and tired of whining from irresponsible dog lovers.Lin ZucconiTruckee

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