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Readers Write

First of all I would like to say that my heart goes out to the Garrick family who lost their son at Boca in a boating accident on June 26. I was fortunate enough to meet this family after helping them search for his body. I don’t wish anything like this on any family. They were dedicated, loving and determined to do what they needed to do to bring their son home. I am so grateful that Justin’s body has been recovered and the family can finally mourn the loss of their son after such a long ordeal. I wish them the best and will never forget what good people they are. Second I would like to point out, what the hell has happened to Boca? I have lived here 27 years and don’t even want to go to that lake during the summer anymore. The speed limit on Boca is 45 mph with a counter clockwise direction. However, most people do not follow these rules.There are Wave Runners and Jet Skiers racing around in every direction trying to jump wakes from boats that are pulling skiers and tubes with children in them. They also do it to fishermen who might have anywhere from 10 feet to 60 feet of line out behind them. During the search efforts when the lake was open they did it to us while we had divers in the water. It is crazy out there. It is not just on the weekends, it is every day morning noon and night. I was especially disappointed when a buoy that the family had put out on the lake to mark a sonar hit was stolen before they could get to dive it. Also, watching Jet Skier’s aim for the buoy that marked the spot where Justin had fallen in to try and run it over, which they were succeeding to hit throughout the day.There is just total lack of respect out on that lake. Nevada County needs to patrol more often and enforce the rules before someone else loses a loved one. Christie Bess TruckeeSearching for RudyMy name is Lori LeClair and I’m Rudy’s mom. For those who have not seen my barrage of signs, Rudy is the black, mid-sized, body shaved, unshaven head, fluffy tail, wearing choke chain “Lost Dog.” On June 29, Rudy was being groomed and was left outside, neglected in an unsecured cage, and ran away. Rudy had a lot of sightings the first day and a half, yet due to failing cell phone connections, we always seemed to be about 20 minutes behind each call. Not a lot of sightings lately, until the evening of July 18. A woman called and said she thought she saw Rudy run from the Tahoe Donner golf course, cross Northwoods, into the condo area. I believe that our extremely hot days are forcing Rudy to hide in the cool woods or under someone’s deck (maybe a home that is vacant.) I think he probably moves around from dusk to early morning. I’ve been told that most likely Rudy has turned a little wild and is really spooked, so he probably won’t come to anyone, especially if he is running. But perhaps a soft voice and food could lure him if he is ever just standing there. The loss of Rudy had devastated me. My family and I have become consumed in finding him. I thank you for your patience with all my signs, for talking to me if I pass you on the road, for letting me cut across your property into wooded areas, and for your calls of “Rudy sightings.”I know God will bring him home with the help of special people helping us track and the eyes of the caring people in Tahoe Donner. Thank you again for your help.Lori LeClair GlenshireSelf-important city slickersThis is in response to the letter to the editor “Welcome to Truckee” (Sierra Sun July 13) where a tourist from the Bay Area decided to complain about the way we should leash our dogs for their convenience. First I would like to ask that writer if he would like some cheese and crackers with that wine. Secondly, if you don’t like the way our town is then you have every right to not come here. The last thing we want is a bunch of city slickers coming up here and changing it into a city of their liking. We moved here because we like it the way it is.Now as far as his comments on Truckee being dependent on the Bay Area people buying expensive homes here, that’s a laugh. The only reason our homes cost so much is because they know how much better life is in Truckee so they keep over paying to have a second empty house in our town. As far as educating us about how important you think you are, why don’t you educate yourself to handle dogs and on how to visit our small town without bringing all your egotistical, self-important, better-than-thou, city thinking with you.Most of us who live, work and play here year round moved here to get away from people like that writer who wants to shove his rules down our throats, and he doesn’t even live here. I also find it interesting that his letter was the only letter that did not say where he was from. Is that because he was embarrassed to say the bay?Karl MoodyTruckee

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