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Readers write

I am writing in regards to the letter “Boca gone bonkers” (Sierra Sun July 22). I agree with the writer, and I think that way too many people are not following the rules while boating at Boca. I don’t think the writer goes out at Boca that often. The problems she wrote about have been going on as long as I have been sailing and windsurfing out there, since the late 1980s. I couldn’t count the times I’ve been buzzed, sprayed, and blown by with no worries whatsoever. It always amazed me that they let motor boats in a water reservoir. The amount of users in the area with little or no police, no trash cans, no public restrooms, and a place where it is legal to take guns, and shoot them at nothing in particular. There is no where or care as to what to do with spent ammo, and beer bottles, except for an annual clean up sponsored by the duck club. Boca is located only a mile away from the interstate highway with an exit pointing out the body of water. When the protection gate went up, I thought why not a park entrance gate where they could “guard” the dam, and charge day use fees, and boat launch fees. With the moneys received they could police the lake, install restrooms, trash receptacles a windsurf launch site, picnic tables. How about a handout upon entrance that explained the rules and regulations for safe boating on Boca. I had never heard of the speed limit or direction of travel rule before I read the recent letter. I plan on still using Boca despite the dangers, and rudeness, and lack of facilities, and I think many other people will also. Why not make it safer and more enjoyable. I would pay a user fee for that.Scott BerelsonTruckeeTruckee’s unaffordable housingI’m getting kind of tired of reading the paper lately and maybe you are too. This once sleepy little mountain Town is being overrun and destroyed. Some are cashing in on the rise in real estate and moving on. Some people are hanging in there and working several jobs to make ends meet. Others have just moved here and are feeling the same buzz that everyone once felt. There are problems with a town that grows too fast. I think maybe everyone is missing the point when we talk about housing. If your going to have the Bay Area move to the mountains then you have to have Bay Area wages. Affordable housing is a term made up by those who have and want the have-nots to work for them. The answer is not building ugly, cluster, cheap, housing projects. The answer is not having the workforce live in tiny little apartments above their workplace. Come on people wake up. Stand up like a once-proud American and demand an affordable wage.Tim ReeveTruckeeUnderstanding the attitudeWhen stating my opinion about us “dog lovers” I was defending our right to continue to have certain places where dogs can run unleashed. I do not have a bad attitude towards tourists or visitors or second homeowners. Most of the tourists and weekenders are wonderful. They are friendly and in a great mood and I love seeing them have such a good time. They are outdoorsy people and many have dogs and are delighted that this is such a dog-friendly place. I also believe that all of us dog owners need to be responsible and clean up after our dogs, train our dogs to be good citizens and have control of our dogs. The few unruly dogs will ruin it for everyone else. Whether or not a long-term, permanent resident’s opinion is more important than a weekend visitor is debatable. Some tourists complain about the dogs, the snow removal, the bears, the coyotes, etc. But most just really enjoy being in the mountains and being a part of the lifestyle here. If you want to have a better understanding about why locals get an “attitude,” read the book “Downhill Slide.” Peggy TownsTruckee

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