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Readers write

In a guest column last week, (“Multiculturalists are a threat” Sierra Sun July 27) the writer complains about multiculturalism, immigrants, hyphenated Americans, and political correctness. Frankly, I thought he was on point with his story of his own ancestors accepting the key responsibilities of citizenship, and such. Though petty, I admit to sharing his dislike for the use of hyphenated qualifiers to our citizenship. A threat to our sovereignty? Well, believe what you must.However, the concept of political correctness confuses the writer a bit, I’m afraid. In the concluding moments of his letter he writes, “Being an American doesn’t mean you love your country or else, but it does mean you should either believe in the principles this country was founded or go live somewhere else.” Also, “I am an American citizen of Hungarian descent … and damn proud of my country, and even more proud of our U.S. military. I invite you to leave if you’re not.”Now I ask you folks, what statements could possibly be more politically correct in George Bush’s America than the writer’s?Well, call me one of those old timey conservatives, if you must, but I think it’s enough that we all simply live by this country’s principles and rules, regardless of our own personal or collective financial ability to bend, ignore and break these rules. Whether you like it, love it, believe in it, are proud of it, or wish to propagate it, is really none of my business – nor the writer’s. Mark AdamsTruckee/San FranciscoGreed not goodOnce again I am saddened by the closure of yet another “Old Town” Truckee business because of greed. Earthsongs has been in Truckee for longer than I have been here (10 years) and will be shutting its doors because their rent went up 125 percent. A huge jump from $4,000 a month to $9,000 a month. As it turns out the same broker that is running Earthsongs out of town also ran Llama Ranch out of their retail space for the same reason – greed. I have only one thing to say to both the property owner and the broker: You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your greed has ruined people’s way of life that they have worked very hard for only to be shown the door. Llama Ranch has now been vacant for almost a year now, and I suspect that Earthsong’s retail space will be the same story. Greed is over running Truckee. Do people not care what is being done to this beautiful town? Michael TownTruckeeTruckee enforcement agencies shineI wanted to express my appreciation for Truckee city and county law enforcement and all the men and women of the six counties that participated in the recovery of the teen who unfortunately drowned recently at Donner Lake.As a member of the Donner Tract whose beach facility they used as a base for the recovery effort, I was very impressed at the coordination and cooperation between all agencies. Not only were they efficiently doing their duties, but they were very courteous to our members that were displaced during the recovery efforts. And they left our facility in better condition than when they arrived and kept us informed of their success.I am sure that the family of the teen was very thankful for the successful conclusion of the recovery of their loved one.Thanks again to all involved.Tom BennettTruckeeMaking Boca safe and fun againI’m writing in response to the letter “Rules and regs at Boca” (Sierra Sun July 27). It is people like the writer who are the problem. They go to the lake and pay attention to nothing but themselves. The writer made a suggestion that they should start charging to use the lake and then use that money to pay for trash receptacles, public restrooms and policing. What he might not realize is that we already pay taxes for these services and most are there. If he was paying any attention he would have noticed that there are several locations with public restrooms and Dumpsters around the lake already. The writer also states that he has been going to Boca since the early 1980s and he just learned of the laws on the lake? The boating rules of the lake are clearly posted at the boat ramp. However, only a few people follow the rules or have any common courtesy for others. I think this was the writer of “Boca gone bonkers” (Sierra Sun July 22) point. The writer also said it was a legal place to take guns. I’m assuming he is talking about the gated shooting range. It is nice to be able to take firearms to a shooting range that is used by many people, including our local law enforcement. It is better then people going out into the woods and shooting. The mess is contained to one area where there are trash cans provided by the sportsman’s association of which I am a member. My point is if everyone paid attention to their surroundings and showed a little respect Boca might be a fun and safe place to go again. Matt Jacobs Truckee

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