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Reader’s write

I lived in the Tahoe-Truckee area for almost 20 years and when I heard that there was road rage by “locals” I thought no way. A local is used to being cut off by flatlanders and the like. A local would not hunt down the person and get into a fight. Please remember that a “local” address does not make you a local. Locals let things like that go, that’s why we live here.Jennifer Nelson Reno Rodeo revelationI read the letter (“Rodeo values its animals” Sierra Sun Aug. 10) about Truckee’s rodeo, and I must admit I was surprised. I had planned a vacation in that beautiful resort, but I was not aware of the annual rodeo. I also didn’t know much about rodeo, but the letter and replies sparked my interest. I looked at the two Web pages suggested by Linda Burdick, executive director Friends of Rodeo Organization, and thought she had made some good points. Then I decided to do a little more checking, and I found another site called Sowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) at What a revelation. There was an entire section devoted to Miss Burdick, and it showed that she doesn’t always tell the whole truth. But the most shocking parts were the actual videos showing real animals being treated with brutality. Some were obviously badly injured and others actually died from their ordeal. There were horses with bucking straps who continued to buck after their riders were off, but stopped immediately when the straps were released. There were steers thrown through the air and flung to the ground. For me, seeing is believing. I’ve made a decision: I will not be coming to Truckee as long as rodeo is part of the community. I prefer to spend my dollars in a kinder, gentler venue. Kathryn Kovach Anderson, SC Beyond comprehensionRodeos are nothing more than animal cruelty. How can any civilized human being think that an animal enjoys having a skin-tight strap yanked around its genitals or being harshly dragged to the ground and getting its legs roped (all the while suffering possible internal/external injuries) is beyond human comprehension. Debbie and Glenn CarsonMedford, NJ

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