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Readers write

I’ve just returned after a few weeks out of town and have gotten reacquainted with the shrill and vituperative attacks on the airport by the Community Airport Removal Effort folks.One fellow writes that board president Ken Foster’s actions to reduce noise are the cause of the huge increase in noise complaints. Malarkey! If you monitor the CTAF, you’ll find the majority of traffic using the primary runway is following the noise abatement procedures created with the cooperative effort of our community. The increase is actually the result of a small group of folks riling up our populace against any aircraft noise and the airport’s desire to listen to the complaints.The letter writer, in effect, says that the two additional runways in the master plan should be removed from the plan. Half true and half extremely myopic. Building the turf runway would spell disaster for our world renown glider port, and I hope it’s never built. No-one knows the future developments of STOL aircraft, and runway 28R will prove invaluable 50-75 years hence.It has taken far too long to start building the 22 hangars to begin accommodating the demand. The remaining hangars should be built slowly over the next 20 years or so. Total hangar construction will leave the airport around 900 acres with nothing on it but various flora and wildlife.The Prior Permission Request is a great idea that will reduce noise. Connie Stevens originated the PPR concept a couple of months ago, but it has been subtly ignored until now. The PPR is not merely rhetoric, but a viable tool.Another fellow writes that pilots shouldn’t be trusted to run our airport. Voters should realize that successful persons who have an understanding of aircraft and airport operations are the best ones to run an airport. He also continues the rhetoric about how the airport only serves the 1 percent of our community who are pilots. No one with such extreme tunnel vision should be elected to represent the entire district.Tom MeadowsTruckeeLand your plane, Mr. President To my friend Mike Golden, president of the Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board of Directors, (My Turn column “Campaign rhetoric fueling airport board election debate,” Aug. 20 Sierra Sun) was it about 12 years ago that you went in front of the town council to express your concerns over a move by some property owners and the town to ban personal watercraft and other two stroke-powered vessels from Donner Lake? You live in Tahoe Donner; whose interests were you looking out for then? Was it because you own a boat? Why does my wanting to protect my house and family and preserve the value of my house make me self-serving? The president of the airport district board needs to land his plane and take a walk around town. He would find out that for over five years Truckee’s garbage has been trucked to Nevada. And while the effluent from the Truckee Tahoe Sanitation Agency is top-notch, have you ever smiled and flushed the commode twice knowing that, in a way, Reno will be drinking that flush?Truckee Tahoe Airport has received $20 million in federal grants. Why does the airport still need $2.4 million a year in local tax money? Grass Valley Airport, like Truckee, is one of nine special districts in California. They get $50,000 a year. What’s with that? How about the airport board president and I spend a weekend at the airport and interview all landing pilots. Let’s find out if they are here because of Truckee’s growth or are they here to go to the lake, or any place outside of our town limits. That would answer the claim that Truckee is a victim of its own growth. I do not want the airport closed, it has its place. I just do not need to feed the growth of Placer County. My stance on growth here in Truckee is well documented.Bryan E. DeVoeTruckee Slow down, pleaseI have lived on Glenshire Drive at the base of the hill going up toward Devonshire for almost 25 years. Right across the street from my house is a sign posting the speed limit as 30 mph. For most of these years I have watched as drivers totally ignore the sign and speed up or down the hill as if it were a race course. Fortunately, there are few houses along this stretch. Maybe that is why drivers pay no attention to the speed sign. Over these past 24 years not much has been accomplished to stop speeders on this portion of Glenshire Drive at least. We now have a new generation of drivers who do the same things their parents do. Just a minor distraction like answering a cell phone call could spell disaster while driving so fast. Other than having a 24-hour presence of a police car clocking the speeders, there is not much that can be done. I see kids on their bikes taking chances all the time because of the lack of a bike lane on the street, and especially since they can’t control their bikes coming down the Glenshire hill, there will inevitably be a horrible accident. I very rarely see a police car clocking these drivers, and I do understand there are more dangerous streets to be patrolled and there are only so many officers out there. I see no solution to this problem; there hasn’t been a solution for many years. Drivers have and always will continue to speed on Glenshire Drive and only by a miracle has there not been a bad accident. Our only hope is that these drivers get some sense in their heads and start paying attention to the signs and SLOW DOWN! Carol RuleGlenshire

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