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Readers write

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor (“Real locals let it go” Sierra Sun Aug. 19) on the road rage incident between Truckee locals. Road rage doesn’t discriminate. It’s in every town, city, and community local or not. Everyone is in a hurry these days and it doesn’t matter who’s in their way. I recall being passed on Glenshire Drive with snow and ice on the road just about every morning on my way to school. Teaching driver education to sophomores at Truckee High is a challenge when society embraces aggressive driving. Cathy McClintockRenoNo place like home I find it ironic that the letter writer from Anderson, SC (“Rodeo revelation” Sierra Sun Aug. 19) won’t be visiting Truckee anytime soon due to our annual rodeo. A quick Internet search of her home town turns up Anderson County Fairgrounds, which hosts a variety of events including concerts, festivals and, you guessed it rodeos. Once she figures this out I’m sure she’ll be listing her home for sale with her local Realtor.Brian Cuneo TruckeeAnd the circus, tooI do not own a horse, I have never lived on a farm and I really do not care for country music. I like the rodeo and the events that they have. I think the people who do not like the rodeo should be a little more tolerant of the individuals that enjoy a different kind of entertainment than they do.P.S., I like the circus too.Jim Matheis TruckeeTough turnsAs you all know, trying to turn into either Martis entrance on Highway 267 can be a harrowing experience. With no turn lanes to pull into, traffic either has to stop in the middle of the highway or pull off the road into the dirt to go around. How many of you have stopped or slowed to turn and viewed a semi barreling down on you in your rear view mirror?The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Soar Truckee Gliderport have both written Caltrans and requested that they construct turn lanes at the entrances to Martis Creek Lake and Martis Creek Wildlife Area. Unfortunately, there are no stats of anyone getting hurt of killed at these spots – yet. The Caltrans response was that they would give the Corps of Engineers an encroachment permit and they could construct the turn lanes. It seems that the safety of people on 267 should be a Caltrans’ responsibility; Martis is not a private driveway, it is a public recreation area.If everyone who has had the thought that someone is going to get killed trying to turn into Martis writes a letter to Caltrans and/or their state representative, perhaps we could get some turn lanes before someone one of us knows gets seriously injured or loses their life. If Caltrans can spend a couple of million to landscape the Bypass, why can’t they build turn lanes at this dangerous spot? With the huge increase in traffic on 267, this problem is getting worse all the time.The address for Caltrans is P.O. Box 911, Marysville, CA 95901. Contact info for our local representatives can be found on the Internet.Lets all help to make Martis a safer place to recreate.Jacqui ZinkTruckee Hurt ’em in the pocket bookThrowing millions of dollars at the mousehole problem is not going to work. It is just going to give motorists the green light to go even faster. It’s a namby-pamby solution to placate the spoiled brat motorists of this town.What should be done is to put up a lower flashing light speed limit sign in both directions and then ENFORCE IT. Now that’s a novel concept, isn’t it? We have enough law enforcement in this town for a small city and they don’t do anything to enforce the speed laws. If you are not going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, people pass on the right, cross the double yellow line, and cut you off while giving you the one finger salute. It happens to me all the time in my personal vehicle and I am a professional driver for UPS.I have made complaints to local authorities and all they do is place a speed meter in the neighborhood to let people know how fast they are going. Isn’t that what speedometers are for? People that speed in town are just selfish. They never grew out of their childhood “me, me, me” stage and need to be hurt in the pocket book.I’ve seen a lot of changes in Truckee in the last couple years and I have to blame a lot of these new residents who came into town with their big city and selfish attitudes. It’s time for law enforcement to crack down on people who can’t even use common sense or who were not ever taught common courtesy.Frank J. CasellaTruckee

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