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Readers write

Today I read the article on Mr. Brooks and Mr. Ash (Aug. 24 Sierra Sun). The obit that followed made me cry. I have finally married the man of my dreams and await our first child. With this in mind to see such violence, for what reason? Because of this terrible incident, one man has lost his life, another has ruined his life. The worst of all this is that Mr. Brooks had another person with him. Did she not look inside her own mind at what was happening and not find the voice of reason?It seems that more and more local folks are becoming very bitter to our increasingly crowded roads, stores and the like. I have had an experience with a man and woman right in Truckee on a street behind the Safeway – a swerving car, a horn blown, next thing you know man and woman jump out of their minivan swearing like longshoremen in front of two small children under 5. Is this why I left NYC? Being a long term resident and worker bee, this is my first encounter with this behavior. Is there to be more of this? We came here for a better quality of life. To experience the peace and peace of mind that comes with living off the beaten track. Maybe we should all remember the reasons that we came to the Tahoe area. A better way of life is what I remember.Cynthia Morgan TruckeeConsider this with motorboat banThe Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is considering closing Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe to motorboats once a month.To be fair, balanced and non-discriminating they should also consider closing it on a similar day to muscle and wind-powered recreation to lessen the load on bank erosion and over crowding. Sailboats could drop their sails and motor in.Swimmers, canoes, kayaks and sail craft would stay out of the water one day. Except in the buoy field.This makes it fair to all recreation groups when mitigating perceived impacts. It also lessens the risk of costly litigation and bad press.Scott DenhamTruckeeAnother trip canceledTo the lady from South Carolina who, last week, stated she would not return to Truckee due to the harm done to the livestock at the Truckee Rodeo, my wife and I have canceled our trip to South Carolina. We found out you all grow tobacco out there!Rusty and Carol PauliTruckee

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