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Readers write

I want to say “right on” to the writer of “Some questions for you, Mr. President” (Aug. 31 Sierra Sun). Anyone want to ask why it took the so-called “Homeland Security” farce to act after Katrina? More people died after the hurricane from lack of food, water, and medical than drowned – most likely in the thousands. Scary. Have too many troops, National Guard, and money/equipment been committed overseas to “protect the oil fields.” God, help us. Please wake up America!Sally Mitchell-GrayTruckeeSheehan did meet with BushI fully agree with the writer of the “My Turn” column, “Sheehan’s questions are meaningful” (Sept. 2, Sierra Sun), except for one thing that the author asked: “Why not meet with Cindy?”The president already met with Cindy last year, 45 days after her son was killed in Iraq. Secondly, her brave son re-enlisted in the military because what he was doing in Iraq, he felt it was the right thing.One thing that Cindy fails to say, is that when her brave son joined the armed forces the first time, she had a massive fight with her son. After all, her son was 18 when he first signed up, the legal age of manhood.Maybe if Cindy had not been so condescending of her son, he would still be with us.People forget that Cindy was a demonstrator, when we went into Iraq to liberate Kuwait. She was also when we invaded Afghanistan. Cindy, is anti-war, and if the press would stop covering her, she would go away the same way that she did when the press stop covering her in the past.Robert CuillerierOakdale, Calif.Two dogs are menacing my neighborhoodOver the past few months, our Tahoe Donner neighborhood has put up with two loose dogs, seen almost on a daily schedule. They roam at least the Alder Creek, Stockholm Way, Parsen Road, Pinnacle Loop area. Both are medium-large dogs; one has black and tan spots, the other is white.They intimidate other dogs in their own yards. They are a menace to wildlife, for I have watched them try to run down deer in the greenbelt between Pinnacle Loop and Stockholm. They have chased deer for hundreds of yards through the bushes and clearings.If anyone knows where these beasts reside, please contact the Town of Truckee Animal Control office at 582-7830, so the problem can be resolved.Before the “Born Free” and “Open Range for Dogs” crowds start to whine, come and see the hoof marks on my driveway, where two weeks ago I observed the wild animals after a young buck. They chased the deer out of the bushes on the next lot and when the deer hit my driveway in a panic, it slipped and slid, on its side, all the way across until it regained its footing and got away from the dogs that almost got the deer while it was out of control.My neighbors and I finally have pictures of these dogs, so we can furnish them, not only to the Sierra Sun, but also to animal control and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.Dick HalpinTruckee

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