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Readers write

Everyone knows about the Forest Lane shortcut in town. This road parallels Donner Pass Road between Frates and Meadow and is a convenient alternative to sitting in traffic and bypassing the busy Highway 89 intersection.However, we are not sure that everyone knows about the two preschools located on Forest Lane: Lengua Viva and Pathways to Learning. In their haste getting to Safeway or other businesses many drivers fly past our schools with little regard to the speed limit (25 miles per hour), and to the fact that dozens of children are playing nearby. While the children are playing inside fenced-in areas, we nevertheless urge drivers to use caution and be alert when using Forest as a frontage road. We understand the convenience of avoiding busy Donner Pass Road but we’d also like to raise awareness of speeding here as a preventative measure to a potentially tragic accident.Thank you for slowing down on Forest Lane!Lisa Ward,Pathways To LearningBeth Bradford and Tamara Chisholm,Lengua Viva A corrupted phraseRegarding the column “The Third World in the USA?” (Sept. 16 Sierra Sun), I never cease to be amazed how often journalist misuse words and phrases or how more accurately they have no idea what the words and phrases that they use actually mean. Or perhaps words and phrases have simply been corrupted by an ignorant media and public and are now generally accepted to mean something different from originally intended.During the Cold War the world was rather neatly divided into three camps. The United States, NATO and their allies constituted the “First World.”The Soviet Union, communist China, The Warsaw Pact and other nations ruled by Marxist dictators were the “Second World.” The remainder, the “nonaligned nations” were the “Third World.”It had nothing to do with poverty, rather politics determined what camp a country fell into.Prentiss DavisTruckeeA few things to considerIn a recent letter (“Noticing change” Sierra Sun Sept. 16) I appreciated the young letter writer’s honesty and sincerity, especially coming from a 10 year old. A few things to consider though. I am 46, and my family moved to Tahoe City when I was 15. Now I am one of the guys that is building those houses you wrote about. I have worked on homes for school teachers, nurses, a fireman, ice cream store owner, financial consultant and a bicycle store owner, to name a few. One of them even had a 10-year-old girl at the time. Our economy in Truckee needs all of these people to serve each other and they all need homes to live in. Certain places in Truckee have been set aside to build homes for people like your family, they are called subdivisions. Tahoe Donner is one.You might then say that over 80 percent of the homes here are for second homeowners. I would have to agree, but these are the people our economy really depends on. They support our grocery stores, small businesses, schools, police, firemen, me, and maybe even your mom and dad. Be careful of the “we were here first” attitude, because in reality none of us were here first, and we all have the right to be here. I met a gentleman the other day that has been here for 81 years. He seemed very happy to be here even after all the changes. It has to do with attitude. We all get to participate in the most beautiful place in the world.Just remember that next house being built right on your street might be for a family with your new best friend. Don’t miss out.Ted NeffDonner Summit

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