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Readers write

A brief but incomplete article was published Wednesday about Dr. Jon Grisham, a much loved member of our community that passed away last Friday. The article failed to indicate that Jon suffered a massive heart attack while driving and his car and subsequently hit a tree. His body showed no signs of trauma from the accident, the cause of death was cardiac arrest. The Truckee community lost an important member Friday night and frankly many people feel offended by the lack of respect the article attributed to this amazing man. Jon’s untimely death has greatly saddened his family, friends and colleagues as evidenced by a touching memorial delivered at the Village Hall in Sugar Bowl last Tuesday. Jon leaves behind his wife Andrea, a brilliant architect and his two incredible children, Jonneke and Luke. His family are important members of the Truckee community and well loved and respected by a wide circle of friends. Jon was more than just a “transplant” to Truckee. His family have been active members of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team for 5 years and they have owned a home in Truckee prior to moving here full time. His children currently attend Truckee schools and his wife Andrea is valued by so many people here. This tragic loss is felt by all those he touched including many of his Truckee friends that loved an incredible man who gave so much meaning to life.Kristin YorkTruckee Careless cigarettes can cause havocWhile driving down Northwoods Boulevard on Monday morning at 8:30 right by the exit to Bolzano Avenue, I happened to notice something that looked like smoke in the middle of the road. As I drove by I noticed that it was a burning cigarette, and the breeze of my car passing had blown it to the side of the road. I immediately turned around and came back to the smoking cigarette that was now settled by some very dry pine needles near dry grass, which was near dry manzanita, dry trees, homes, etc.I quickly stepped on it and made sure it was out, but the experience did bring back memories of fires near Tahoe Donner in past fall seasons.I was surprised that someone was so unaware of the fire danger at this time of year to throw half of a burning cigarette out onto the road, and I’m also hoping that they will happen to read this letter and not do it again. I am also hoping that other drivers will be able to spot burning butts on the road before small fires are started.I don’t think anyone who throws a burning cigarette out onto the pavement thinks of the potential consequences of their action. Most think that there isn’t anything on the asphalt to burn, and as long as they throw it in the middle of the road there isn’t a danger but they don’t realize that as other cars drive by there is a breeze that is created and the lit piece of burning trash is blown to the side of the road to eventually extinguish itself or to ignite any dry tinder that happens to be near by.Cigarette butts are trash and can be very dangerous to your health and to the health of our environment, especially at this time of the year. Please dispose of your trash in a safe way.Barbara ReamerTruckee

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