Readers write: A basic right |

Readers write: A basic right

Phil and Lore McLaren

We would like to thank Chantel Young for her well-written, well-argued and touchingly beautiful My Turn column, in which she so aptly elucidates the true meaning of marriage, love and commitment.

If our own lives have taught us anything, it is that genuine love and commitment are very difficult things to come by in this world. The ability to make a life-long commitment to another human being, witnessed by family and friends and recognized by society as accruing all the responsibilities and benefits inherent in marriage, should be the right of any couple, regardless of gender.

We fail to comprehend the argument that allowing same sex couples to enjoy this basic human right will somehow undermine the sanctity of our own marriage. If someone else’s marriage had the power to undermine our own marriage, well, our own marriage couldn’t have been on very stable ground to begin with, could it? We sanctify our own marriage every single day with kindness, respect, devotion, and compassion. None of those qualities would mean very much if we hardened our hearts and failed to extend them to all our brothers and sisters who desire to make the same kind of commitment we have made.