Readers Write: A man to trust |

Readers Write: A man to trust

As a voter, I am both outraged and amused to find out that Tom McClintock, while running for Congress here in the 4th District, has opened two campaign committees for 2010 ” one for Lieutenant Governor and one for State Board of Equalization.

McClintock is obviously a serial candidate, a man who never saw an elected office he didn’t want. It is bad enough that Tom McClintock only kind of lives here in 4th Congressional District, but we now discover he really doesn’t want to stay very long. Tom McClintock’s lack of sincerity can not be over looked. Your vote is too important; don’t waste it on an opportunist like Tom McClintock. He is not in it for the long run.

I will vote for Charlie Brown not just because he really lives in the 4th District and plans to stay, but of what he stands for: service to his county, a vision for a safer, more prosperous America and a man you can trust.

Suzanne Bushnell