Readers Write: Average future |

Readers Write: Average future

John Eichhorn
Kings Beach

Ten years ago we moved to Lake Tahoe from Ohio and chose Kings Beach for our post office address. We soon learned that almost all of our neighbors had their post office addresses at Tahoe Vista. They felt Kings Beach was a less-attractive address and had a stigma attached to it. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, Kings Beach is not as attractive as Incline or Tahoe City. Does anyone question how attractive Tahoe City is with its three lane, the new, wide sidewalks and the abundant street parking?

Now we have the opportunity to make Kings Beach as attractive as our neighboring towns, but that won’t happen with four lanes, which we currently have, and some new sidewalks. Tourists will speed through Kings Beach on their way to Incline or Tahoe City, just as they have for years.

Ten years from now the only thing different will be some sidewalks. Kings Beach businesses will continue to struggle ten months of the year and when I tell a Tahoe resident I live in Kings Beach, I know he is thinking Kings Beach is not an attractive place to live. I guess we’ll have to stop saying we live in Kings Beach, and change our PO address to Tahoe Vista. It’s a shame.

Those of you with TRPA and the Placer County Board of Supervisors who rejected the three-lane plan are sentencing our town to a future of mediocrity. I hope at the July 23 meeting you can explain your no vote, where the 10,000 cars on the side streets come from, and why someone favoring the three-lane alternative is for gridlock.

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