Readers write: Bearly thinking |

Readers write: Bearly thinking

Lee Nelson

I am shocked, appalled and terribly saddened after reading your article in the June 13 edition of the Sierra Sun about the killing of a yearling cub. Is this woman so stupid as to not have heeded the warnings and advice of the BEAR League that she couldn’t keep her dog inside with his dog food so that this avoidable tragedy wouldn’t have occurred? What was she thinking? That this cub was like some little puppy just playing with her puppy?

Anyone who lives up here knows that this is an accident just waiting to happen. Food and “playthings” must be kept away from the bears at all times. These bears are wild animals and should be treated as such. The California Department of Fish and Game should have tranquilized this woman and taken her out to some uninhabitable part of the forest and left her there instead of killing this bear.